Cold Day For The Quebec Pension Fund
August 18th, 2022

Welp!  Celsius' awful investing strategies are being put under the microscope in their Chapter 11 restructuring, but for some, the damage has already been done (hey that rhymes!).  The Quebec Pension Fund (CDPQ) wrote off almost all of its' 10-month $154.7m USD investment in Celsius, as CEO Charles Émond cites "For us, it is clear, when we look at all this, we arrived too soon in a sector which was in transition."  Fortunately, this only affects a fraction of their $303.4b USD fund, so not ALL is lost.  However, they are seeking legal avenues to retrieve some of their money (get in line, pal), but that path is not as clear as of this moment.

I vote that Celsius pays back from lowest amounts owed per account to highest.  After all, don't the people that have little amounts in there need it more than the large funds that have only a fraction of their money lost?  If anyone else is interested, I'll create a petition ASAP!

Written by: nikethereum.eth / Medium / Mirror

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