A new way to Curate Web3 ✨

After weeks of tireless work, we have released a big feature on our platform. We are overjoyed to present to you a new way to Curate Web3! 🤩

Proposals and voting are at the core of our philosophy of community governance. With the new process, these fundamental pillars will get even stronger.

From now onwards, you can curate projects with XP as well. You need a minimum of 3XP to vote for projects, whereas 12XP to propose a project. You can still use supported tokens to curate projects.

The XP system will go hand in hand with the tokens system. You can choose whichever method you prefer. One thing to note here is that this is not final. We will review the impact of these changes, take community feedback, and make further changes to make it even better in the future.


Previously, you needed specific tokens to be eligible for curating projects. Anyone who didn't have enough tokens required, or had tokens we didn't support, could not engage on the platform.

We observed that several community members are not curating projects despite being active. They explained how not having tokens creates a barrier between them and the projects. We realized only a few members with tokens could participate on the platform. Others were missing all the fun.

We set this limitation to filter out projects and allow contributors to participate on the platform. We were proud that it worked. But, this filtration process was excessively harsh, and exciting projects for the community were also getting filtered out. This is because their community members did not have the required tokens to participate.

The Dapp List is a community-driven platform. Therefore, we figured out another way to allow everyone to engage equally on the platform and support projects they believe in.

New System - Explained!

The new update allows everyone to curate projects without tokens. You need 12XP and 2XP to propose and vote for projects, respectively. You can earn XP by completing a few steps. Let's take an example of a newly joined member. We will call her Alice.

Connect wallet → Earn 3XP

When Alice connected her wallet for the first time, she earned 3XP. Everyone who connects or has connected their wallet before this update earns 3XP. Read more about it here.

Having 3XP in the profile allows Alice to vote for projects. We will look into this in a minute.

Complete a profile, verify it → Earn 7XP

Completing a profile is just a matter of a few easy steps. Alice needs to update basic information about herself. This includes her name, username, and E-mail ID. Adding a profile photo and connecting her Twitter account is also required.

There is one more step remaining. Alice must verify her identity on Twitter. She can easily do this by posting a predefined tweet. She will earn 7XP once the profile is verified. The process of completing a profile is briefly explained in our docs.

Why verifying a profile is important?

Now Alice will start engaging in the community and the platform. But sadly, no one knows her yet. There is no way to reach out to her or connect with her. Hence it's essential to complete the profile. It allows everyone to know you better, gain trust and reach out.

Another reason, it helps reduce spam accounts on our platform and limits anyone from creating multiple accounts to vote. This helps to create a more friendly and safe environment.

What if she doesn't want to complete her profile?

It's fine. We don't force anyone to verify their account. You can still complete it and not verify it.

However, she still requires 12XP or specific tokens to propose new projects. She can buy Dappfer ($dfer) tokens on the Polygon network and start curating projects in such a case. We also have other tokens enabled on the platform. Here is a list of the tokens we support:

  • $DAI

  • $UNI

  • $ENS

  • $NFTX

  • $SAND

  • $DG

  • $APE

  • WISE-Gen

  • BAYC - Bored Ape Yacht Club

  • MAYC - Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Vote for projects → Earn 2XP

After completing her profile, she has 10 XP in total. She still needs an additional 2XP to propose a project.

Alice can now vote for projects and earn 2XP for every successful project listing. Voting is a recurring process, and new projects are up for voting every week. Know more about it here.

Wrapping Up!

We hope you love this update. If yes, start contributing by curating projects. Refer to our docs to know more about the entire process in detail. Let's support valuable and noteworthy projects and showcase them.

Do let us know how you feel about this update. We are all ears!

Join our community if you have anything to share.

Let’s curate Web3 together! 🦉

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