Introducing Noble

Dear Cosmonauts!

We are excited to present Noble: an app-chain purpose-built for native asset issuance in Cosmos and the boundless Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) ecosystem!

Liquidity 🤝 Cosmos
Liquidity 🤝 Cosmos

Named after the least reactive elements in the periodic table, Noble is an island of stability for asset issuers in the rapidly evolving Cosmos ecosystem.

Noble assets, Noble gases. Stable. Reliable. Abundant.
Noble assets, Noble gases. Stable. Reliable. Abundant.

In preparation for upcoming asset integrations (Soon!), we are bringing Noble to mainnet on March 27, 2023 in partnership with a number of Cosmos Hub validators and strategic partners! Read on for details on the development of the project, mainnet launch plans and yes, airdrop details…


Noble has been a multi-month project across a number of core Cosmos contributors.
Noble has been a multi-month project across a number of core Cosmos contributors.

Since Noble has been in ongoing development for a number of months, we have already achieved a number of key milestones including:

Chain development

In partnership with StrangeLove Labs, we’ve built a stable and secure Cosmos SDK appchain that conforms to industry standard smart contracting capabilities with regards to asset issuance functionality. This functionality allows the minting and burning of tokens by multiple entities as well as the freezing and blacklisting of addresses on the Noble chain by asset issuers.


Oak Security conducted a third party audit, which resulted in a number of bug fixes that improved the overall reliability and security of the Noble chain. Thank you, Oak Security, for your diligence here!


We’ve worked with a number of testing partners for both private and public testnets, including Hypha, to test Noble’s functionality.


While the early intention for Noble was to launch as one of the first consumer chains of the Cosmos Hub, we have decided to monitor developments in shared security for an initial period of time as consumer chains begin to go live. We will continue to closely follow Cosmos’ Interchain Security roll out and are immensely grateful to the community members for their work on this important initiative.

For the purposes of this mainnet launch, and as a first step for Noble, we will be launching a Proof of Authority chain initially with a trusted validator set, representing a subset of Cosmos Hub validators. The validator set will be permissioned by equal shares of staking tokens and for which the tokens will have no value. Economic security will derive from the permissioned nature of the set as well as fees captured by the chain in assets issued on Noble on a block-by-block basis.

If a double signing is detected by Noble, the validator address will be “tombstoned,” meaning that the tokens and the address will no longer be usable for validation, resulting in the loss of all future fee revenue. The Proof of Authority model provides real economic cost to faulty validator behavior and thus provides economic security to the network that can be computed in real time based on past and projected fees.


As part of mainnet launch, and in advance of more details on Noble digital asset issuance, we will run a Noble mainnet campaign where we will issue 500 frienzie (FRNZ) tokens to the Cosmos community (or otherwise, 500 million microfrenzies). While these tokens won’t be used for staking or for governance, they will be redeemable for Noble friendship bracelets and Noble NFTs on Stargaze!

Stay tuned for instructions on how to redeem your bespoke Noble friendship bracelet.
Stay tuned for instructions on how to redeem your bespoke Noble friendship bracelet.


On March 27, 2023 at 5PM UTC, the Noble chain will distribute 100 FRNZ tokens across 4 Cosmos DEXs: Osmosis, Kujira, WyndDAO and Crescent. These DEXs will be seeded with 25 FRNZ tokens each, and paired with a minimal amount of ATOM. (25 FRNZ:1ATOM)

On April 3, 2023 at 5PM UTC, Noble will airdrop 300 million microfrienzies, totalling 300 FRNZ tokens, to axlUSDC holders across 10 Cosmos chains (Axelar, Gravity, Comdex, Crescent, Canto, Juno, Kujira, Osmosis, Iris, Secret) who hold at least 50USDC in their wallet. The airdrop snapshot will take place on March 27 2023 at 5PM UTC.

All Eligible FRNZ token holders will be able to retrieve their FRNZ tokens using their Noble address via Keplr!

On April 12, 2023 at 5PM UTC, FRNZ token holders will be able to start the redemption process to claim their Noble friendship bracelet leveraging SWIFT Protocol built on the Juno blockchain.

Throughout the duration of the Noble frienzies campaign, Noble will reserve 100 FRNZ tokens to distribute and reward quality contributions throughout the Cosmos ecosystem.

Last but not least, to reward all FRNZ token holders, any Cosmonaut that burns at least 50 000 microfrienzies will be whitelisted for a Noble NFT to be listed on Stargaze in the coming weeks!


Looking Ahead…

Stay tuned for announcements on asset integrations on Noble! ✨

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