Vivendi Adopts Nodle’s Click Certify for Secure Document Authentication

Simple and indisputable authentication of digital content made possible by Nodle’s blockchain-based solution, Click Certify.

Nodle, a leader in blockchain innovation and the world’s first digital trust network, has announced that Vivendi, a global giant in culture, entertainment, media, and communications, will implement Nodle’s Click Certify technology to authenticate its business documents, including press releases. This move aims to enhance the security and verifiability of Vivendi's published materials using Nodle's blockchain-based solutions.

Click Certify is a new addition to Nodle’s family of authentication tools, which already includes the ContentSign SDK, the web property, and the new Click camera mobile app, all released earlier this year and available now on iOS and Android.

Click Certify is designed to be user-friendly and allows authorized executives to quickly upload official PDFs, like press releases, through a simple drag-and-drop interface on the secure Vivendi Click Certify-enabled website. Once uploaded, the authorized executive digitally signs the transaction and initiates the publication process online.

While utilizing blockchain technology and cryptographic proofs, Click Certify ensures documents are unaltered, signed by authorized personnel, and accurately timestamped.

It also allows anyone with a signed document to verify its origin, publication date, and time.

You can see this exact partnership announcement signed here.

Fabien Aufrechter, VP of Web 3.0 at Vivendi, emphasized the importance of content protection, especially with the rise of generative AI. He highlighted the company’s commitment to innovative solutions, aiming to certify press releases and protect all content types.

CEO and Co-founder of Nodle, Micha Benoliel concurs and stresses the importance of tools like Click Certify in building digital trust in the AI era, providing businesses with the ability to authenticate their stories, and safeguarding against disinformation.

The benefits are extended to media and consumers as well. In the fast-paced world of news, timely and accurate information is crucial. Traditionally, verifying content has been a slow and error-prone manual process. Click Certify offers a user-friendly, cost-effective solution. Journalists, publications, and the general public can now instantly verify the authenticity and provenance of press releases and other documents.

Vivendi's adoption of Nodle’s Click Certify marks a significant step towards enhanced digital trust and content security, setting a new standard for document authentication in the media industry.

Example of a recent press release issued by Vivendi, Signed by Click Certify on Vivendi’s internal website. The public site to verify documents signed by Vivendi is
Example of a recent press release issued by Vivendi, Signed by Click Certify on Vivendi’s internal website. The public site to verify documents signed by Vivendi is

How Click Certify Works for Content Publishers and Consumers

For Content Publishers:

  1. Publication: Executives can publish press releases by simply dragging and dropping the PDF onto the Click Certify-enabled web interface.

  2. Digital Signature: Advanced cryptographic methods ensure the document is securely signed by the authorized executive.

  3. Transaction Reference: After publication, Click Certify provides a blockchain transaction reference and a link, serving as a verifiable record of the press release’s authenticity and publication details.

For Content Consumers:

  1. Verification Check: Journalists and consumers can verify the authenticity of a PDF by using the same drag-and-drop interface.

  2. Transaction Validation: The uploaded PDF is cross-referenced with the blockchain record, providing detailed transaction information and validating the document's authenticity, publication date, and time.

This streamlined process offers a fast, reliable, and transparent method for publishing and certifying official communications. It ensures the integrity of press releases and consequently enhances the reliability of information shared and consumed.

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