Nodle Partners with Massive to Allow Nearly Half a Million Active Nodle Users to Participate in the AI Economy

In-app opportunities called “Smart Missions” let Nodle app users earn rewards and participate in meaningful ways with the world around them, beyond the Nodle Network

Nodle, the largest decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) on zkSync, is entering a strategic partnership with Massive, a 100% opt-in peer-to-peer network designed to unlock the public web. This month, Massive will deploy a smart mission in Nodle’s apps leveraging Nodle's growing user base of hundreds of thousands of monthly active users (MAU). Initially launched in beta on iOS, it is expected to be fully deployed on both Android and iOS by July. Through this smart mission, Massive will reward Nodle app users in exchange for the internet connectivity provided by their smartphones.

Massive smart missions will include several use cases, like allowing Nodle users an easy way to opt-in and participate in the booming AI economy, which requires access to public web data on a global scale.

All that users have to do is have Nodle installed, Start the Massive mission, and they will earn Nodle token passively by contributing a small amount of bandwidth, used toward things like training AI.

Jason Grad, CEO at Massive stated, “Nodle's commitment to innovation and their impressive reach have long resonated with us. This partnership is a natural fit, allowing us to jointly deliver a novel way for Nodle users to earn rewards—one that respects their privacy and avoids the intrusion of ads or surveys. We're thrilled to collaborate with Nodle and bring this enhanced, privacy-focused value to their engaged community.”

Micha Benoliel, CEO at Nodle, commented, "The partnership with Massive is a transformative initiative that positions Nodle firmly beyond IoT use cases. Massive has a built-in innovative marketplace to leverage bandwidth and public web data. We are impressed with the scale of Massive’s network and we share the same vision for an open internet where users are rewarded for computing and connectivity instead of personal data and social attention.”

“We believe that this partnership paves the way for future applications in areas like distributed computing, AI model training tapping into the GPU of smartphones”, Florent Stroppa, CPO, at Nodle added.

About Massive

Massive allows users to earn rewards and pay for apps or services, not with money or attention, but with their spare bandwidth. This spare bandwidth creates a 100% ethically-sourced residential proxy network for enterprises to do things like train AI and scale public web data collection. It’s a win-win for all sides. Millions of users have earned rewards through Massive, provided by the enterprise partners utilizing the network. Massive is backed by Point72 Ventures, Mozilla, Coinbase Ventures, and Block Tower. To learn more about Massive, visit their website:

About Nodle

Nodle is a digital trust network for social good that connects the world by using smartphones as nodes to create a decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) for real-world use cases. The Nodle  Network is built on zkSync, the leading Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain. It’s decentralized, private, secure and scalable, making it perfect for digital witnesses, smart missions and micro-transactions. With its proprietary ContentSign technology and global reach in 193 countries, Nodle empowers developers to build unique applications for things like sourcing trusted digital content, locating assets or accessing remote sensors. For example, Nodle recently launched the Click camera app to establish proof of provenance for media and certify the authenticity of user-generated content. Anyone with a smartphone can join the Nodle network today. Download Nodle on iOS or Android and visit us at

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