Everything you need to know about Nodle’s Token (NODL) on zkSync

NODL is Live as ERC-20 on zkSync

Today’s the day and it’s official.

The Nodle token is now on zkSync Era mainnet, and will be coming soon to Ethereum Mainnet. Here’s everything you need to know for a smooth transition. Be sure to see our FAQs below too.


Last month, we announced Nodle was launching on zkSync to bring one of the fastest growing DePINs to Ethereum. Nodle is a long-standing force in blockchain innovation, with over 100,000 daily active users on its mobile wallet app and one million holders of the token. Today we’re moving to zkSync Era, a cutting-edge zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to scale Ethereum to a billion people, joining the Ethereum community. ZkSync is an Ethereum Layer 2 that provides unprecedented scalability and low transaction fees, which will help us all grow the Nodle network and our partner ecosystem.

NODL Token on zkSync:

Today, we’re excited to announce the deployment of the NODL token as an ERC-20 on zkSync Era (Layer 2). We’re bringing our token to zkSync to provide increased scalability and interoperability within the ecosystem. Below you’ll find the details on how to migrate your NODL and answers to many of the common questions you may have. Bringing NODL to zkSync means that soon NODL will be able to be bridged to Ethereum Mainnet.

On to the details...

Important Note!

Be careful of scams and fake NODL tokens listed on decentralized exchanges! The ERC-20 token is currently only available on zkSync. Always check the ERC-20 Contract address and DYOR!

  • Official ERC-20 contract address: 0xBD4372e44c5eE654dd838304006E1f0f69983154

  • Bridge URL: Nodle Client

  • Audit Report from Resonance: Resonance Report

KOI Finance

With this transition, Nodle is partnering with KOI Finance, the first decentralized finance project launched on zkSync, to open accessibility to DeFI for Nodle users.


KOI’s mission is to make DeFi incredibly easy and low cost for anyone to use. Nodle will be working closely with KOI Finance to bring DeFi to more DePIN users in the future.

“We're excited to work with the Nodle DePIN to expand DeFI accessibility to their smartphone infrastructure. Onboarding new people to DeFi can be difficult, and we aim to make it easy for anyone to participate in the new economy. " - Michael Laurens, Head of Growth at KOI Finance.

To learn more and stay up to date, please follow KOI Finance on X.

What about the Nodle app?

The Nodle App will be coming to zkSync this summer. Stay tuned for more details. If you’re new to Nodle, here’s a bit more about us: the Nodle network connects the world by using smartphones as nodes to create a smartphone-based DePIN for real-world use cases. Nodle enables unique applications that can leverage the network for things like sourcing trusted user generated content, locating assets or accessing remote sensors. The Nodle network is decentralized, secure, private, and scalable making it perfect for digital witnesses, smart missions and micro-transactions. As an example, Nodle recently launched the Click camera app to establish proof of provenance for media and certify the authenticity of user-generated content. Anyone with a smartphone can join the Nodle network today. Download Nodle on iOS or Android and visit us at nodle.com.

What about the Click app?

Today, the Click mobile application is already live on zkSync. Current Click users can migrate to the Ethereum L2 Mainnet blockchain to record fingerprints for signed photo and video captures by:

  • (1) opening the Click app

  • (2) tapping on the “i” info icon in the upper left corner

  • (3) tapping on “Using Polkadot Mainnet” at the bottom of the screen

  • (4) tapping on “Ethereum L2 Mainnet” and then “Switch”. That’s it!

If you haven’t downloaded the Click app yet, you can download it on iOS or Android and visit us at clickapp.com.


If you have a question not answered below, please reach out on our Telegram, Discord or Reddit!

How do I migrate my NODL tokens from Polkadot to zkSync?

If you are using the Nodle app simply hang tight, we will add native migration to the app in the coming weeks and do the migration for you! If you cannot wait to try NODL on zkSync, you can migrate using the official Nodle bridge, which was recently audited by Resonance Security. The Bridge is live with Polkadot.js wallet integration and will support the Nodle App WalletConnect in the next app release.

For security, this process takes 24 hours and requires a consensus amongst multiple oracles.

Go to wallet.nodle.com: Note using the Nodle App with WalletConnect to bridge is not yet supported, and will be supported in the next release.


Why is this important?

ZK is the endgame. Bringing Nodle to zkSync makes transactions faster (for example syncing images on Click camera is nearly twice as fast on zkSync) and lowers transaction fees. zkSync provides greater interoperability and a larger developer ecosystem to expand real world use cases for web3.

What is ERC-20?

ERC-20 is the technical standard for fungible tokens created using the Ethereum blockchain. A fungible token is one that is exchangeable with another token, whereas the well-known ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not.

Will NODL be available on ETH Mainnet?

Not Yet. zkSync’s Canonical Bridge, which allows you to bridge tokens from zkSync to ETH mainnet will soon support tokens mintend natively on zkSync. Stay tuned for updates!

Can I stay on Polkadot and avoid a migration?

You may stay on Polkadot for now, we will share more details when you’ll need to migrate your NODL to zkSync in the future**.** The Nodle app will be upgraded to make it easy to migrate your coins.

What is the migration timeline? By when do I need to migrate?

As stated above, we will share more details when you’ll need to migrate your NODL to zkSync in the future**.**

Do I need to pay for my migration? Any fees I should be aware of?

No, the migration of your NODL to zkSync is free of charge for the time being, with a minimum transaction of 100 NODL.

Was there an official audit done on this migration?

Yes, Nodle worked with Resonance on the official audit. Details can be found here.

Where can I go for support or additional help?

Please visit our Nodle zkSync Era doc here. If you have a question not answered there, please reach out on our TelegramDiscord or Reddit.

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