Nodle Onboards 780,000+ Mobile Devices into the IoTeX DePIN Ecosystem

Nodle Confirmed as the Leading Network in the IoTeX DePIN Ecosystem, Bringing Greater Interoperability and Adoption

Nodle, a pioneer in blockchain innovation, has partnered with IoTeX, a DePIN modular Web3 infrastructure platform connecting smart devices and real-world data to blockchains. With this partnership, Nodle is onboarding 780,000 mobile devices into the IoTeX DePIN Ecosystem while bringing greater interoperability and adoption into the DePIN vertical.

Nodle has emerged as the leader in the dynamic arena of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs). According to DePINscan, the DePIN data platform powered by IoTeX, the Nodle network now extends to over 780,000 unique devices, making it the largest in the fast-growing sector.  Nodle continues to reshape the DePIN landscape through strategic partnerships and innovative technology, offering solutions that enhance accuracy, privacy, and accessibility, and enable real-world applications.

Source: DePINscan powered by IoTeX, devices by project globally at
Source: DePINscan powered by IoTeX, devices by project globally at

Jing Sun, Co-Founder and Head of Investment of IoTeX, said "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Nodle, which marks a significant milestone in our journey towards bringing DePIN to the masses. By leveraging Nodle's extensive network of smartphones, we aim to enhance the robustness and redundancy of decentralized computing, bringing us closer to realizing the full potential of Web3. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and driving the adoption of cutting-edge solutions in DePIN."

Garrett Kinsman, Co-founder of Nodle, said “IoTeX is one of the early innovators in DePIN and we are excited to collaborate to bring the next generation of Web3 apps to billions of smartphone users and enterprise customers. In recent months, we’ve launched Web3 apps in asset tracking and photography. Partnering with IoTeX will help us bring these apps to a wider global audience and demonstrate what’s possible through the DePIN ecosystem.”

This partnership between IoTeX and Nodle, which will be rolled out in phases, is set to enhance the DePIN ecosystem through various initiatives. In phase one, Nodle has integrated its device network map with DePINscan, making Nodle the largest and fastest growing DePIN project on the IoTeX platform with over 780,000 mobile devices. DePINscan, which launched in August, has become a leading source for DePIN intel, hosting over 40 DePIN projects with a combined market cap of $40 billion.

Previously, IoTeX introduced a new liquidity hub on the Mimo DEX, tailored for DePIN projects. The hub has seen about $800k of liquidity for the tokens of the 9 DePIN Liquidity Hub launch partners. The integration of Nodle and other large DePIN projects is expected to increase these figures, enhancing composability and ease of use between the two ecosystems.

Understanding Nodle and DePIN

Nodle is a decentralized wireless network that facilitates the exchange of data  between Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Nodle’s DePIN enables devices to determine their location without relying on centralized systems like GPS. By combining the strengths of Nodle's network with decentralized positioning, Nodle is revolutionizing how devices interact with  their physical environment.

Source: DePINscan powered by IoTeX, devices by project globally at
Source: DePINscan powered by IoTeX, devices by project globally at

According to DePINscan powered by @iotex_io, Nodle is now the DePIN sector leader, accounting for almost 50% of all registered devices.

This was made possible through SDK-partnerships with companies like Roole, Watu and more coming soon. These collaborations have placed Nodle at the forefront of the DePIN ecosystem, offering groundbreaking solutions that revolutionize how devices determine their location.

The culmination of these partnerships has established Nodle Network as a leading force in the DePIN ecosystem, offering unparalleled solutions that excel in privacy, scalability, and security.

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