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Create Achievements to Incentivize Actions

Achievement systems traditionally have been used widely in video gaming to incentivize engagement and award the successful completion of tasks. But If designed correctly, an achievement system can be far more valuable. It’s delicate, but potent.

  • Record progress and milestones

  • Recognize special accomplishments

  • Create a unique meta challenge

  • Educate about the mechanics

  • Offer alternative ways to play the game

Community-curated Achievements

So far, we have been working to identify meaningful achievements around Web3, however, we knew from day 1 that this process had to be done in an open & community-driven way. Giving power to the community to define original and creative achievements was our vision.

Today, we are announcing the first major leap toward this vision. Introducing ‘Create Badge’, a simple tool for the community to create achievement badges. Creating your own achievement badges allow projects and communities to incentivize actions and build reputations around those engagements.

Key Features

With the Badge Creator, we're setting the stage for the rapid expansion of on-chain achievements together with the community. Badge Creator allows you to:

1. Create Badges with Ease (No-Coding)

  • As long as the action is recorded on-chain, you can create it.

  • You can create Noox Badges by simply inputting the smart contract addresses and a few criteria for the requirements.

  • You can also define detailed eligibility rules with parameters like block height, number of values, volume, and all other actions associated with the contract. As long as it’s recorded on-chain, you can create it. The badge you want is just a few clicks away.

2. Prove Achievements in Real-Time (No-Whitelist)

  • You can let users claim badges as they unlock achievements. You don’t need to take a snapshot or create a separate whitelist.

  • Users can be continuously rewarded for their actions since Noox dynamically checks their eligibility in real-time and issues badges.

3. Make Your Brand Stand Out (Customizable Template)

  • Brand and culture are unique to each project and community. Our goal is to allow them to be reflected in the achievement badges you create.

  • Use our customizable badge template to design your badges. If you want more, please reach out to us and we’ll make it happen.

How to Get Started

Visit Noox and click “Create Badge” and it will direct you to the publisher dashboard where you can create and modify badges. During the alpha stage, Noox team will review the submitted badges to make sure that the badges are defined as intended by the publishers. In the near future, we hope to open up this process to the community.

Now, let’s get started!

1.General Information

First, you need to enter some general information about the badges, including the badge title, descriptions, and a few other information about the project. Although there are no rules around how the title and/or description should be written, it is important that all the information you provide accurately represents the project and the achievements.

The image preview on the left will show you how the actual badge will look once it is created.

General Information
General Information

2. Badge Image

Now, it’s time to design the badge. The only thing that is required here is an image for the badge thumbnail. Once you have uploaded the thumbnail, the default background image will be auto-generated. You can also choose to upload a letter logo or a different background image.

We will be releasing new customization features allowing users to add custom badge colors and choose different badge templates.

Badge Image
Badge Image

3. Eligibility Rule

The last step in creating badges is defining actions and setting rules for the eligibility requirements. As mentioned before, there is no coding required. All you need is some understanding of the smart contract(s) associated with the action you’re trying to define. We recommend referencing the actual transaction details found in blockchain explorers like Etherscan.

Once you have finished defining actions, scroll down to set rules for the badges. Depending on the action, you can set a threshold value for the total count of the action or the total sum of the volumes.

We have included a detailed guide for each data input, but please do reach out to us on Discord if you have any trouble.

Eligibility Rule
Eligibility Rule

Define Your Adventure

You can create your own badges. You can use other projects’ badges. You can mix & match and build upon what others have made to create something that makes sense for you and your community. These composable badges will be the building blocks for the future of Web3.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley

Achievement Badges on Noox will promote interesting behaviors and endless use cases by making them accessible to other users, decentralized applications, and protocols. Badge Creator is just the beginning of a long journey to a more collaborative and meritocratic network where one’s contribution, participation, and reputation are valued.

If you’re a project/community builder and want to create achievement badges, please visit Noox or schedule a call with the team(docsend). We would love to discuss how Noox can help supercharge your community.

“Tools Unlocked”

Create Badges 👇

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