Introducing Share-to-Earn Test Flight: Amplify Campaigns, Earn Rewards

Over the past six months, our team has been dedicated to finding innovative ways to support the growth of Web3 projects effectively.

We are thrilled to introduce our first initiative, the "Share-to-Earn" Test Flight. This unique experiment aims to leverage the power of our community to amplify referral advertising.

Today, we have completed the initial recruitment phase of broadcasters and are excited to kick off the first Test Flight campaign.

What is the "Share-to-Earn" Test Flight?

The Share-to-Earn experiment empowers communities to spread the word about their own project campaigns, attracting more users to join and engage with the community.

As a broadcaster, your mission is simple:

  • Share a quest with your followers using your personal referral link.

When your followers participate in a promotion through your referral link, you will be rewarded for each user who participates. Of course, your follower will be rewarded as well. The more engagement you generate, the higher your compensation.

It's a Share-to-Earn for you and a Join-to-Earn for your followers.

When your followers click on your referral link, they will be directed to the 'Noox Join-to-Earn Test Flight' page. After connecting their wallet and signing, they will be redirected to Galxe's campaign page.

The first campaign you will broadcast is SynFuturers Pioneers of zkSync Era.

The first test flight will run for 1 week, starting today and ending on July 23th at 23:59(UTC).

How to Participate

To participate in the first test flight, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the spreadsheet below to find your Discord or Twitter account.

Step 2: Search for your Discord or Twitter account and copy the referral link.

Step 3: An image is essential for your tweet. Create your own image or use the image below

Step 4: Share the link on your Twitter account or other social networks with nice content.

Step 5: Join our Discord and submit the link of your Tweet in the #📮┃broadcaster-submit channel.

Create Compelling Content

Rewards will be distributed based on the engagement rate. So, how can you maximize your rewards?

Craft compelling tweets to ensure your tweet reaches a wider audience on Twitter and encourages more users to participate in the campaign.

Here's an example of a compelling tweet:

Compelling tweets should include the following elements:

  • Explanation of the campaign's purpose

  • Clear instructions on how to complete each task

  • Highlight the rewards participants can earn

  • Upload images on the first thread of your Tweet

Last but Not Least, Reward!

Rewards will be distributed based on the engagement rate. Simply put, the more users who complete the campaign, the greater your rewards will be.

Multiple rounds of Test Flights will be conducted, and each Test Flight will offer five ranks of NFT rewards. Users who drive more engagement will receive higher-ranked NFTs. These NFTs can later be used to claim $preNOOX tokens once all Test Flight campaigns are completed.

$preNOOX is a non-transferable ERC-20 token that can be exchanged for the official $NOOX tokens at a 1:1 ratio once the protocol is live.

The overall reward size will increase with each Test Flight.

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