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Here Comes $EIGEN

EigenLayer finally launched an airdrop, distributing 15% of the total supply of $EIGEN tokens across multiple seasons.

Season 1 Phase 1 is currently underway, with 6.05% of the total supply issued to users who restaked $ETH or LSTs on EigenLayer before March 15, 2024. Phase 2 is scheduled to commence in mid-June, distributing the remaining 0.70% of the Season 1 airdrop.

The claimed tokens are non-transferable but will be unlocked by September 30th, 2024.

EigenLayer has revised its final airdrop allocations twice in response to community feedback, but this latest version appears to be the definitive one.

EigenLayer will distribute 100 $EIGEN to all users who engaged with the protocol before April 29th. Additionally, users can delegate $EIGEN to an EigenDA operator and get extra rewards in the future.

You can always monitor all your EigenLayer points on Notum by visiting the "Points" tab!

Source: Notum app
Source: Notum app

Puffer Is Launching Mainnet

Puffer Finance mainnet has been launched this Wednesday, coinciding with the end of the 5x Puffer points event. Nonetheless, a promotional period continues: puffer decided to distribute 1000 points per 100 $EIGEN staked on the EigenLayer website.

Moreover, Puffer started the conversion of stETH tokens to ETH in order to decrease dependence on a single dominant staker. Users do not need to take any action; all is handled by the Puffer team.

Lisk Airdrop

Along with the migration to the new L2, Lisk welcomes the arrival of its airdrop season. Over the upcoming months, a succession of airdrops will be unveiled, crafted to ignite engagement and propel momentum forward. A substantial allocation of 15 million LSK has been allocated for these initiatives. To become eligible for the airdrop, you must have a balance of at least 50 LSK during the transition, slated for May 21st.

Lisk is a blockchain platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications using JavaScript. The protocol is built on Optimism Stack providing full compatibility with other EVM products.

USD Stablecoin with 25% APY

Hermetica announced USDh tokens backed by BTC and BTC perpetual futures. The token is going to be native for Bitcoin L1 and L2 nets. The partners already include Runes protocol and Stacks.

The delta-neutral token concept isn’t new. Projects like Ethena have previously introduced synthetic dollars using similar operational mechanisms, such as USDe. The main point is that nobody boasted an APR as significant as what is typically seen, ranging around 10-15%.

Typically, such tokens encounter de-pegging issues stemming from infrastructural inadequacies. There are some doubts regarding the team's choice of exchange for derivative purchases and the mechanics behind emissions. You can delve into Hermetica's point program on Galxe to get insight into the upcoming project.

Layer3 Snapshot Is TakenLayer3 introduced the $L3 token and confirmed a snapshot taken on May 10th. $L3 is planned to launch in early summer. A total supply will be 300 million $L3, with 51% allocated to the community and 5% for the first Airdrop. Detailed tokenomics will be introduced in June.

Memcoin’s Lightning Fast Week

The top 50 memcoins have collectively increased their market capitalization by +10% over the past week. Almost all of the memcoins are on BSC and Base networks to provide an easy minting process.

Source: X (Twitter)
Source: X (Twitter)

Crypto investors are drawn to significant price increases resulting from the volatile nature of memcoins. Although memcoins can bring a substantial profit, it is an extremely risky investment strategy, so trading these tokens often results in potential losses.

If you want to learn more about the risks associated with a particular investment strategy, Notum has a "Risk Grade" parameter for every position.

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