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Scroll Has Launched Their Loyalty Program

The L2 project is launching its Scroll Sessions point system, which is very similar to the Linea crypto points campaign. Session Zero is available right now, so you can bridge $ETH or wstETH and take advantage of the bridge ( or Stakestone ( opportunity running on LayerZero.

You get Scroll Marks (their points) for completing various activities during sessions, which will most likely be converted into project tokens. According to Scroll’s announcement, Marks will be issued to all who deposited their funds and have been engaged with Scroll since October 10, 2023.

The team announced the launch of an official platform to keep track of your Scroll Marks.

Well, well, well, that’s another project that has introduced a point system. The Notum team knows the pain point (what a pun!) of airdrop farmers who have to jump through protocol tabs to track the points they earned. That's why we’ve implemented ‘Points Tracker’. This feature helps you track your points (so far among 7 popular protocols). And yes, Scroll will be there soon, as well.

Notum app
Notum app

Notum is about to finish Scroll integration into our Portfolio tracker. It will help you to view all your assets and investments you deposited on the Scroll network.

EtherFi Restaking Is Omnichain Now

Etherfi’s weETH token has recently enabled native restaking on Blast and Mode, with plans to extend to Linea, Optimism, Base, and BNB Chain shortly.

weETH has adopted the OFT Standard, enhancing its interoperability by allowing users to effortlessly transfer the restaking asset across different blockchain networks.

What is an OFT?

Omnichain Fungible Tokens simplify bridging across blockchains by enabling direct minting tokens via LayerZero Endpoint smart contracts. EtherFi with the help of LayerZero is creating the first staking OFT as eETH is about to launch on all L2s.

weETH can now be minted natively on an L2 cheaply, securely, and without oracle or bridge lock-in through the L2 Native Restaking Module (L2NRM).

Check out our article on EtherFi here 👇🏻

Memecoin Rush on Trader Joe: Week 4

The Avalanche Foundation has launched Memecoin Rush, a $1 million liquidity mining incentive program designed to help scale liquidity and gain momentum for the coin ecosystem on Avalanche.

How does it work?

  • Deposit meme tokens into staking pools (Single-sided staking, No IL);

  • Accrue Points based on the amount of tokens held;

  • Unlock multipliers to boost point accrual further;

  • Claim your AVAX rewards every week.

If you don’t like the idea of staking meme coins, then you can dive into their liquidity pools on Trader Joe. Here are some examples of those pools on Notum:




Just a friendly reminder: Notum supports zap-in, so you can easily jump into any pool with any token with one transaction! ⚡

Token2049 Highlights

The week was also memorable because of such a prominent event as a crypto conference this spring — Token2049. Catch a short synopsis of what has happened there:

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