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Another bustling week in the DeFi space we want to tell you about. Who knows, maybe these updates will help you to make the right decision when it comes to growing your crypto? So, here we go.

First of all, Notum is sharing its best APY and TVL strategies that could be interesting to consider for earning some passive income. Break into DeFi with the best ones!

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Gearbox $GEAR Wars

Crypto points farming is the hottest trend so far and the fastest way to use leveraged farming. Gearbox is the first traditional leverage protocol to launch LRT markets. The good case of $GEAR token usage is that its staking allows you to vote to lower costs for leveraging on certain strategies.

Renzo incentivized the lending side with ezPoints proportional to the share of ezETH's LRT holdings. This incentivized the lenders to push borrows for ezETH over weETH. It’s just the first example of $GEAR wars that motivated stakers.

Adding more utility to the token, protocol would vote for cheap leverage to get TVL or users looking for cheaper leverage would vote as well.Governance token utility is growing, and that forces interest in it. Notum has a great pool on Curve where you can get 55% APY on the GEAR-ETH pair. You can kick in with any token in one transaction 👇🏼

Check out our latest review on Gearbox protocol here 👇🏼

Base Ecosystem Heating Up

We’ve already mentioned in our last digest that the Base network is on fire right now. Basically, it happens due to the meme token craze running on the network. Most of those memes have no presales, just fair launch. They also haven’t been listed on CeFi, and don't have perps. makeup and themes are mostly goofy and not derogatory.

  • days to $1B TVL on Base: 203;

  • days to $2B TVL on Base: 23.

Pay a closer attention to this intriguing post


Here’s 280% APY pool with a DEGEN/ETH pair  👇🏼

Here’s another interesting pair — AERO/USDC–290% with a leading DEX APY and almost $70M in terms of TVL 👇🏼

We also have a detailed report on the Base and you can go through it right now to get a better understanding of how it functions 👇🏼

New Linea Campaign & TGE Predictions

Linea has introduced Linea Voyage Program: The Surge and new points LXP-L:

The main goal is to rock the ecosystem's TVL.

The Surge starts in April right after Linea Park, and will last for 6 months till the blockchain reaches $3B in terms of TVL. Now it’s around $440M.

The project will launch a new SBT token LXP-L that will be issued for a current wallet balance and provide liquidity. A user could continue gaining LXP but as we know tokens for liquidity are way more valuable.

It also mentioned that Linea Surge will bring the last missing piece to their ecosystem. If the campaign runs till October, then the token may be issued at the end of fall or the beginning of winter.

Notum integrated Linea network support into its portfolio tracker. So, you can easily track where you provided liquidity and monitor your current positions.

Arbitrum Memecoin Fund

Arbitrum society offers to create a special meme coin fund:

In our last digest we’ve already told you about the Avalanche Foundation launching of the first Memecoin Rush phase, which is an initiative program for mining $1M liquidity. It can be explained by the fact they chains do understand that meme tokens bring new liquidity and users. APY for some positions is higher than 100%. Just check this out 👇🏼

The plan is to issue about $3M worth of $ARB to kickstart the fund and approximately $150K for shitcoins support.

We’re badly waiting for new fantastic beasts running on Arbitrum, and you?

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