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Renzo Points & REZ: Season 2

Renzo Protocol kickstarted Season 2 of its point program on April 30th. That marks the beginning of a three-month campaign where the founders will distribute 500 million $REZ among participants. Those who engaged in the previous season but didn’t receive any rewards will keep their points and enjoy a 10% bonus in a new season.

For newcomers who missed Season 1, there's no need to panic, as additional boost programs are now offering a 4x point enhancement! You can find a full list of supported protocols and chains here.

If you are a conservative user and fear losing ezETH via Pendle derivatives or unstable pools, ezETH/WETH Curve pools on Ethereum and BSC. Curve mitigates imbalances with a flexible fee percentage to maintain a 50/50 asset ratio.

The REZ token has been officially launched on Binance. As it always happens, the first minutes showed giant spikes but then the price stabilized and now maintains at around $0.15.

EigenLayer Shares 110 EIGEN Tokens

Well, at least with everyone who has locked their tokens before April 29th. The protocol caught some hate on Twitter due to its tough airdrop terms. So, the team decided to sweeten the deal for stakers with carrots. Come September 30th of this year, users will have the green light to sell $EIGEN. The investors and the team won't be able to cash out their tokens for a whole year after that to keep the markets from getting flooded with $EIGEN.

At Notum, we understand the importance of point tracking for our dedicated harvesters. That's why we've made it easy for you to keep tabs on your Renzo and EigenLayer points right on our website. Head to the "Portfolio" section and choose "Points" to check your balance.

Source: Notum App
Source: Notum App

Mode Network Announced $MODE Token

Mode, a Layer-2 chain operating on Ethereum, has initiated an airdrop targeting all users who contributed liquidity to the chain. A snapshot was taken on May 5th. Subsequently, on May 7th, the top 2000 wallets, ranked by points, are set to receive 50% of the allocated $MODE tokens.

The remaining tokens will be available for claim after 90 days from the date of the initial airdrop. The conditions really narrowed down the number of people who could get the token but there is an opportunity to replay.

Mode has also unveiled the second round of airdrops, offering an opportunity for users who missed out on the first distribution. Both airdrops are expected to distribute a similar quantity of tokens, prompting eager participants to act swiftly! And do not forget that you can always conveniently monitor your positions on this chain using Notum.

Source: Notum App
Source: Notum App

Queit Airdrop discreetly airdropped the $FRIEND token on May 3rd, following their earlier announcement on X that an airdrop would be launched on April 27th. To secure the tokens, users must join a Club and follow a minimum of 10 users on FriendTech. As trading commenced, the token's price stabilized at $1.7 reaching $168 at the peak.

Much Calmer LayerZero Airdrop

On May 2nd, LayerZero posted on X that they made the first snapshot, and… that’s almost it. The protocol pointed out that to protect their users’ interest, they won’t issue tokens to Sybil farmers.

If a user hacks the protocol, they will be blacklisted and get nothing. This is the first time when the protocol has used such mechanics to prevent hacks. As for other airdrop details, they are a mystery.

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