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Well, well, well, what about the freshest strategies on Notum? We’ve picked the best ones. Have a look and come on board!

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As for the most intriguing highlights of the week, we’d like to share our top ones.

Base Week

The Base network is a real buzzword now. This week Base season appears to be in full swing:

Some market thoughts:

Meme Coins Are Extremely Profitable Than Ever Before

Interesting stat from CoinGecko on returns by sector so far this year, with meme coins leading by a wide margin, followed by RWA and AI:

Notum is always on the avant-garde of the hottest trends in crypto, so you can choose pools right in the app 👇🏼

Do you need more insights as to why you should consider meme coins? Here you are.

Meme Race: BNB Chain Chases Avalanche and Arbitrum

If you follow our weekly digest, you see that chains are about to compete for the distribution of meme tokens and include additional incentive programs. That’s why Avalanche has launched a $1 million liquidity mining incentive program and Arbitrum did the same by throwing a $3 million ARB Memecoin Fund program.

Last week, BNB Chain announced that it had received up to $1 million in rewards for meme coin developers:

Do you still think meme coins are useless?

According to Arthur Hayes, a BitMEX co-founder, meme coins benefit the crypto space by attracting attention and thus, new users:

Andre Cronje, a founder of Yearn Finance and Fantom chain, is also into it:

Do you feel a lack of institutional support? Catch this:

Tier-2 fund DWF Ventures stated that the upcoming cycle will include memcoins that become a new GTM strategy for many ecosystems and projects:

How do you feel about meme coins right now? If positive, dive into Notum’s ‘Swap’ tab to easily swap your tokens for any meme coins in one click. Find it here 👇🏼

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