Notum 'Early Adopter' Program: How to Get Exclusive Perks?

About Us

Notum sets an ambitious aim to reshape the DeFi sector by simplifying investments in DeFi. Our core vision is to bring to the market a product that meets all needs and covers the pain points of our community. To achieve this, we are happy to introduce our platform to people who are ready to help us to improve our product — our early adopters. These early adopters will be rewarded for their contributions to helping us develop our product and community.

How and When Does the Program Start?

Program Pre-Launch: The series of activities started on June 20th —  that’s when we launch the pre-launch program for our earliest followers. The program will run for five days, and on the 25th, we will give all the rewards out.

How to take part:

  1. Participants need to complete a series of tasks proving their activity, involvement, and interest in the project. To take part, you need to go to the SoQuest and QuestN platforms and accomplish some tasks. We’ll distribute the rewards there. All participants have a great chance to get 100 USDT!

  2. Then we launch a larger-scale program — ‘Early Adopters’, that will be available for everyone. The main goal of the program is to highlight our active followers who will help us in developing our product.

Program Launch: The program itself will be launched on the 26th of July and will consist of quests on five of our Web3 social platforms where we want you to engage and show your activity as an early adopter.

How to take part:

  1. Complete Zealy, Galxe, SoQuest, and QuestN activities and claim the article on the Mirror platform. Once you’ve collected all the required roles, you’ll get an ‘Early Adopter’ role. Find more details in the #server-roles channel in our Discord.

  2. Having received this role, you’re fully eligible to compete for the prize. We will run the cash rewards draw at a Link3 session with our marketing lead.

Prizes: You’ll get —

  • custom NFTs with real utility within the Notum platform;

  • a role in our Discord;

  • access to a private Discord group with our DeFi analysts and the team;

  • a substantial cash reward for 5 users.

Future Activities to Watch Out

We are looking forward to hosting another big event on some popular web3 platforms, which we will reveal a bit later for the sake of maintaining the suspense.

But you can be sure that our activities don't stop there. We are currently working on some cool future events for our early adopters, so keep in touch not to lose the chance of getting more benefits.


You know what to do —  go straight to the website and get started with the quest! Wish you a bunch of luck — we’re sure you’ll do great!

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