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What were the best performing strategies in terms of TVL on Notum last week? Let’s quench your curiosity!

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As for news and updates, DeFi is definitely evolving. According to Statista, revenue in the DeFi market is believed to reach US$26,170.0m in 2024. Revenue might show an annual growth rate of 9.07% ending up with a total amount of US$37,040.0m by 2028. Sounds like the truth but let’s check.

New ATH in DEX Volume

Here’s some positive trading statistics on DEXs. The historical max of weekly trading volume skyrocketed to mighty $73.56B.


The L2 from the Coinbase network has shown impressive growth recently — +20% TVL in 7 days. The degens are already transferring money from Solana to Base and are about to start shilling Base shitcoins.

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These two indicators lead to an increase in Base activity and, as the theory shows, an increase in APY pools 👇🏼

Stablecoin Liquidity Continues Rising

Check these intriguing stablecoin pools 👇🏼

Frax’s Roadmap & Revenue-Sharing Model

Frax has almost reached 100% collateralization ratio.


Staking FXS is not that profitable yet, numbers are quite small. If you stake through Frax Finance directly, you get about 1% per year, and about 8% when using Convex Finance.

Until the 100% level is reached, all ecosystem profits go for increasing collateral. After reaching the 100% threshold, all Frax Finance profits will go to $FXS token stakers.

By the way, guys have published the first part of their roadmap ‘Singularity’:

Project scaling plans include creating 23 levels of L3 within a year. In addition to the four tokens in the ecosystem - FXS, FRAX, sFRAX, and frxETH - there will be launched several assets like rxNEAR, frxTIA, and frxMETIS. All coins will run on the Fraxtal network.

As for the staking interest, the project will come back to the sharing commissions mechanism. Half of which will go to maintaining $FXS liquidity and the second half to $FXS stakers.

The changes to tokenomics may provide 100% support for the FRAX stablecoin, as well as the “most competitive” staking returns in the industry. As a result, the main final beneficiaries in the system should be the FXS holders. We can’t wait for juicy yields on $FXS and $cvxFXS.

While we are all waiting for an APY for staking FRAX, here are the available pools with more favorable conditions 👇🏼

Memecoin Rush on Avalanche

The Avalanche Foundation has launched Memecoin Rush, a $1 million liquidity mining incentive program designed to help scale liquidity and gain momentum for the coin ecosystem on Avalanche 👇🏼

Great news: our besties from Trader Joe will be among the first to start this initiative.


  1. Deposit meme tokens into staking pools;

  2. Accrue Points based on the amount of tokens held;

  3. Earn Multipliers through eligible criterias;

  4. Claim your AVAX rewards every week.

To get more details, check this one 👇🏼

The first weekly epoch will include vaults for the following community coins: Coq, Kimbo, NoChill, Gec, Tech, Husky, Meow, Kong, Meat, and Kingshit.

Lash out at our Coq, Kimbo, and Gec pools with cool APY right now. Don’t lose the right momentum 👇🏼

Google Has Integrated ENS Domains

source: Google
source: Google

Google Now you can enter the domain address in the search and get information on the balance and immediately go to Etherscan to get detailed analysis. The feature is currently being tested and is available in private incognito mode (cmd+shift+n). Google is kind of slow, we at Notum integrated ENS domains for quick and comfy assets, history and investments check up many moons ago. You also don’t need any incognito modes, you can try it yourself 👇🏼

Airdrop Meta Leveraging Points

How many projects do you farm your points in? It seems rather inconvenient to constantly hop between Dapps and track your points. Who has so much time to waste it so harshly? So, what if you could track them in one place instead? 🤔 Something really cool is coming on Notum!

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