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The Latest Highlights in the DeFi

Curve Founder’s $156M Liquidation Nightmare for

The Curve founder's credit positions on various platforms have entered the danger zone.

Mikhail Egorov pledged a total of 371 million CRV (approximately $156 million) through 5 addresses on 6 lending platforms to borrow $92.54 million, BUT since the price of CRV dropped to $0.42, his lending positions on various platforms have now entered a dangerous territory zone.

The multi-item lending ratio has dropped to ~1.1 (meaning if the CRV price continues to fall 10% without replenishment or redemption, liquidation will begin).

Last August, to avoid liquidation caused by falling CRV prices, Mikhail sold 159.4 million CRV in over-the-counter (OTC) transactions to 33 investors/institutions in exchange for $63.76 million to repay the loan. Sale price 0.4$.

Check out our full-fledged report about the Curve incident last year:

Arthur Hayes Going Bearish

BitMEX co-founder predicts that the market may experience extreme weakness from April 15 to May 1, but then a new round of bull market will occur.

The idea that the BTC halving will have a positive impact on cryptocurrency prices is well established. When the majority of market participants agree on a certain outcome, the opposite usually happens. That's why he believes that the prices of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general will fall by about half.

To date, the friend has taken full profits on $MEW, $SOL, and $NMT, and the proceeds have been deposited into Ethena.

By the way, in Notum you can now track your points among the protocols—you no longer need to jump on tabs. We also display Ethena points, go and check yours 👇🏻

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Swell Launches Its Layer-2 for Restaking

A good option for point farmers—you can farm several airdrops at once: Swell, LSD project (Renzo, StakeStone), and EigenLayer.

Early birds who deposit on May 5th, will receive 1 million EigenLayer points. For ordinary geese, there will be a bonus distribution of SWELL after TGE and there will be drops from projects based on Swell L2.

Learn more about Swell right here 👇🏻

On the platform, you can study and easily swap their liquid staking token swETH:

When launching the mainnet from Eigenlayer, a good thread on restaking 👇🏻

Where are you, folks? It smells like $STRK short 👇🏻

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