Bombshell | Walnut Network officially launched on the BSC mainnet
February 21st, 2022

Nutbox team has now completed the development of the new version of Walnut Network. After passing the public test [] and passing the third-party code audit, the Nutbox Walnut Network will open a new chapter.

Nutbox team is excited to announce the following major news:

  1. Walnut Network is officially launched on the BSC, support DAO to launch via ISO on Steem/Hive chain【
  2. Start the 10,000,000 NUT Grant to encourage the development of the DAO on Walnut

About Nutbox Walnut Network

Nutbox Walnut is a DAO creation platform without coding. Web3 communities can use Nutbox to:

  • 1)Issue your own community Token(cToken for short)in one click, define the distribution rules of cToken;
  • 2)Use ISO(Initial Staking Offering)to bootstrap the cold launching of DAOs;
  • 3)Create Staking contracts around cToken(i.e., create liquidity mining pool contracts of cToken, Stake cToken Mint cToken to incentivize long-term holders etc);
  • 4)Configure the Governance of the community, DAO management and the allocation of DAO Fund;
  • 5)The integration of functional modules such as Social and NFT etc.

Using Nutbox Toolkits, anyone can create a DAO in one click.

On this basis, the Web3 communities can integrate numerous functional modules into the DAO to distribute their cTokens to DAO contributors and manage the DAO together.

Nutbox walnut network
Nutbox walnut network

Nutbox Walnut Grant

Community/DAO is a very important part of ecological construction, and community/DAO also directly affects the development of the project.

Nutbox Walnut serves every community/DAO, and needs more communities and DAOs to join. Therefore, in order to promote the development of communities and DAOs, Walnut will launch 10,000,000 Grant for incubation and support on the DAOs created on Walnut.

Note: For Walnut grant application, please refer to the follow-up related article


  1. Will PNUT holders be receiving an airdrop? If so, when will it be?
  2. How to use Walnut? Is there an operation guide?
  3. How does Walnut charge? Is the gas fee high?


I believe that everyone has many questions for Walnut, after the official launch of Walnut, the Nutbox team will how an AMA on telegram to answer your questions, more related news please follow the official news.

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