Introducing Obscura Patron Pass

After a thrilling and successful Season 1, which has welcomed 500+ collectors who have supported the work of over 300 photographic artists, Obscura is pleased to announce that Season 2 of our commission series has arrived.

In Season 1, our Curated and Magnum Season Passes have funded more than 30 photographers to produce new and exclusive Web3-native photography projects.

In Season 2, we want to expand and carry on our missions to:

  • Ensure funding for top tier commissions and grants for emerging artists.
  • Invest in highly curated, emerging, and world class artists at an affordable price
  • Redistribute profits to create opportunities for artists in underprivileged regions
  • Enable the Obscura team to continue to be a support mechanism for photographers in web3
  • Provide deep value and patronage opportunities to the growing community of NFT photography collectors

To support these missions as we move into Season 2, we’re happy to introduce our Obscura Patron Pass (OPP).

Obscura Patron Pass:

With the support of our collectors, Obscura commissions world class artists to produce new native NFT photography projects with full creative autonomy. Each commission is given to our Patron Pass collectors as a free claim (+gas). An Obscura Patron Pass guarantees you eight 1/1 NFT's, hand selected by Obscura's team of curators. Patron Pass proceeds support sizable commissions to Curated Artists and enable grants to emerging photographers in the NFT space. Through the purchase of an Obscura Patron Pass, you are directly supporting the creation of new work through grants and commissions, mentorships, and exhibitions.

Obscura Patron Passes give you a front row seat in the Obscura ecosystem.

  • Photographs:

Own eight 1/1 highly curated photography NFTs from world class artists.

  • Patronage:

As a collector, you become a patron that allows Obscura to expand its mission in a sustainable way, create more grants, and support emerging artists.

  • Exclusive access:
    • Receive a bonus 1/1 Photo NFT claim from our “Appreciation Collection” featuring season 1 collection artists through a purchase of OPP.
    • Connect with renowned artists in an exclusive Collector’s Lounge
    • Meet up and coming artists that aren’t on the radar of other collectors yet.
    • Collect limited edition signed prints, books, and surprise airdropped NFTs.
    • Be a guest at exclusive in-person events


As an Obscura Patron Pass holder, you can help us decide which projects to support and create impact as a collector.

As Season 2 progresses, Obscura will take steps towards decentralization alongside our collectors and community.

Cost: 3 ETH | Supply: 55 (Obscura retains 5)

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