Meet the Obscura Team

Obscura is organized by artists, collectors, and developers committed to empowering photographers in the Web3 ecosystem.

Obscura Founders:

Alejandro Cartagena

Alejandro Cartagena is an artist, photographer and photo book publisher. His work is collected by major museums including the SFMoMA, J. Paul Getty Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. He is interested in the cultural meaning of photographs. Collector of NFTs. Founding artist of theRAWdao.

Cooper Ray

Cooper Ray is a photographer and avid cyclist from New York City. He is a firm believer of Web3 and our decentralized future. As an early adopter of artist smart contracts via for his work, Cooper is an evangelist of creator sovereignty and artist education. Founding Artist of the theRAWdao.

Tony Herrera

Immigrant activist turned entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT space. Founding member of Ether Cards, a dynamic NFT and monetization platform. Founding member of several DAOs dedicated to the Metaverse space including Meebits DAO, Neon DAO and Ready Player DAO.

Wim Van Cappellen

After obtaining a master’s degree in Political Science, Wim Van Cappellen started his career as an editorial photographer, covering conflicts around the globe. He won numerous international awards, and at age 35, he started a photo production agency in Brussels, Belgium. Since early 2021, Wim returned to his original passion as a full-time photographer. His mission is to help NFT photography grow and celebrate life through images.

Current Obscura Core Team:

Vicki Capote

Vicki Capote is a multidisciplinary artist and fundraiser committed to building a more accessible, equitable, and inclusive arts ecosystem. She was born and raised in New York City and has 5+ years of experience advocating and securing resources for a broad range of artists across disciplines. To date, she has raised over $4 million+ to support “small-budget” arts organizations, groups, and individual arts workers nationwide. Vicki is passionate about utilizing art as a vehicle for social change, civic engagement, and self-actualization.


Igal is a creative producer and photographer from Santiago, Chile. He’s interested in the tools that digital technology gives us, which allow us to work on concepts that link art, photography and new technologies such as NFT's.

He currently has a role as a Core Member at the NFT photography platform Obscura. Over the past six years he has worked on several documentaries, producing in 9 different countries in Latin America, and his first independent short film ("NANDO") had its World Premiere at the 20th anniversary of the Tribeca Film Festival in June 2021.

Taimaz Ashtari

Taimaz Ashtari is a photographer and social media strategist born in Iran and based in Turin, Italy. For the past 8 years she has developed countless photographic projects working with companies/brands. In 2020 she co-founded Oneo2 Creative Studio.

Since August 2021 she has been experimenting in the NFT space and was a grantee for the Who We Are 200 collection of Obscura which propelled her to join as a core member of the organization. She is currently the Marketing Lead, handling social media strategy, and visuals.

Gill Pedroso

Guilherme Pedroso a.k.a. Gill is a crypto participant since 2017, IT Project Manager and Photographer from FlorianĂłpolis, Brazil. Currently acts as a core member helping out a little bit everywhere, from Operations guild, doing project and process management to strategies around treasury and raising the bars on (soon to be) DAO good practices on Obscura. In the meanwhile he builds his genesis photography collection to launch in native web3 format.

Maciej Miliszkiewicz

Maciej Miliszkiewicz is a photographer (part-time photojournalist and street photographer; loves to include humor in his photos) and IT consultant (currently in the financial sector) from Warsaw, Poland.

As Obscura core member he is working in operations guild where he uses his corporate experience by e.g. creating organizational strategy, supporting creation of the product vision and utilizing technical knowledge in various ways.

Maciej is also contributing to a few other organizations from the NFT photography ecosystem (like Fellowship, where he is a community manager) and constantly learning new aspects of the web3 space (currently learning Solidity smart contract language).

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