Magnum Photos x Obscura
Obscura DAO
February 4th, 2022

We are excited to announce our lineup for our historic Obscura Magnum Commission

“Eight Magnum photographers have been commissioned to create new work in a partnership between the agency and Obscura. [The Artists] were asked to contribute to the inaugural season of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collections.”

Official from Magnum Photos

Below is the official list of Magnum Photographers and the the date each collection will be released. will be publishing every collection on the day it is minted on

Read the full Magnum Photos announcement here:

“When Alejandro and I began discussing this project, we talked about it as a 'leap of faith’. This is both on the side of the people who are buying the artworks ahead of them being created and from Magnum because we are making work that would exist firstly as NFTs. We are thrilled to be working with Obscura and believe that their commitment to the production of new photography and stories is an extremely important and wonderful thing. We are excited to see how, and in what direction, this world will grow.”

- Magnum President Olivia Arthur

Obscura was created as a conceptual exercise on how we think of photography in the digital age. We offer the opportunity for photographers to create new bodies of work that will have its first iteration in the world as an NFT and then as a print or book form.

We are elated to see what new work will be created from these eight master photography practitioners for the blockchain and Obscura.

Our commissions are funded by the sales of Season Passes. The Obscura Magnum Season Pass primary sale is sold out. However, Season Passes can be purchased on the secondary market here and here

Obscura Co-Founders:
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Cooper Ray
Tony Herrera

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