The World Today 10K+

Mint Open:

Reveal Party: May 8th, 2022, details TBA

What is The World Today 10K+ ?

138 world-class, established and emerging photographers from all 5 continents, including various Magnum photographers, brought together by Obscura DAO to take the 1st global visual timestamp of the 21st century.

13,800 native 1/1 NFT photographs of cities, landscapes, communities, people, events and conceptual images that will tell our story for centuries to come, taken Mar-Apr 2022.

An ode to the 1955 exhibition “The Family of Man” by legendary curator Edward Steichen for the MoMA, The World Today uses the blockchain to create a permanent record of our world, rich in metadata connections that further develop and cross-reference the stories within, resulting in a complex net of properties and rarities including 138 curated grails, 1 from each artist.

The World Today 10K+ is a founding a new paradigm in the photography medium, expanding the frontier of possibilities for photography in the web3 era, and is responsible for onboarding dozens of world-class photographers to NFTs.

Visit us often here on Mirror (link below) for updates on the project’s progress, roadmap and more.

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