Open Editions

What is an Open Edition?

Traditionally, the value proposition for NFTs centered around exclusivity and scarcity. This inherently lead to a focus on limited editions. However, in 2023 a new trend has emerged: Open Editions. This trend represents a promising shift towards democratizing the NFT ecosystem by making art accessible to a wider audience rather than confining it to a select few collectors.

While limited editions are bound by a predetermined scarcity, their open edition counterparts can, in essence, have an infinite supply. This distinction ensures creators have the liberty to continuously mint and sell new versions if they choose, reaching wider audiences and bridging the gap between digital artists and their collectors.

Types of Open Edition Sales

Creators have shown creativity in their approach, adopting various different strategies to engage with their audience within the open edition category.

Timed Open Editions

Many open edition sales incorporate timed constraints. This approach offers collectors a set window during which they can mint an unlimited number of NFTs from a collection. As soon as this period concludes, minting halts, solidifying the total number of minted NFTs.

Generative Open Editions

A fascinating blend of generative art with the open edition format has also emerged. In such cases, art is algorithmically created or modified. Every time a collector mints an item from such a collection, they receive a piece that's distinct from previous versions.

More Than Just Ownership

The world of open edition NFTs isn't just about collecting. It's also about engaging your audience in a deeper, more enriched manner:

  • Many collections introduce mechanisms where collectors can trade, upgrade, or unlock various features or benefits. These interactive elements elevate the experience, making it more immersive.

  • Some open edition NFTs offer more than just art. They serve as tiered gateways to exclusive digital spaces or provide avenues for users to craft derivative creations. This multifaceted approach fosters a thriving ecosystem where content and interactions continuously evolve.

Notable Open Edition Drops

Max Pain and Frens

XCOPY launched the Max Pain and Frens collection to mark the 1 year anniversary of his Nifty Gateway debut. Available for only 10 minutes and priced at a eye-popping 1 ETH ($3,100 at the time), the vibrant skulls swiftly sold 7,394 editions, totaling $23 million in revenue. Alongside the open edition, XCOPY also introduced 2 limited artworks Waster and Damager Luxe via ranked auctions, fetching bids above $79,999. The release also featured a unique burn mechanism, offering "Afterburn" NFT holders special upgrades and exclusive art draws. This drop showcased the many ways creators can distribute their art to their fans.

Max Pain by XCOPY
Max Pain by XCOPY

Checks VV

Jack Butcher’s Checks VV collection draws inspiration from the Twitter verification checkmark and features a grid of 80 checkmarks. Ingeniously priced at $8, reflecting Twitter's verification fee, the collection sold 16,027 editions within just one day bringing in $128,216. Building on this overwhelming success, Butcher introduced a second phase. This phase incorporated a burn dynamic, presenting holders with a unique and sometimes contrasting incentive that encouraged reflection on the purpose and value of their NFTs. Checks holders were given the choice to burn their NFTs and combine them: two 80-check pieces became a 40-check artwork, two 40s turned into a 20-check, and so on, until a single colored checkmark artwork was achieved.

Various incarnations of Checks VV by Jack Butcher
Various incarnations of Checks VV by Jack Butcher

Creature World's Crowd

A part of Danny Cole’s larger Creature World project, Crowd is a unique infinite-supply generative art collection. The generative script ensured that collector who minted one received a composition made with unique color combination to highlight the idea that despite our infinite color variations, we are all identical creatures. Selling over 38,045 copies on OpenSea in just 24 hours at a mint price of .29 this brought in a whopping 1,103 ETH, or about $1.7 million.

Rare Crowd in an RGB palette by Danny Cole
Rare Crowd in an RGB palette by Danny Cole

Omni X Open Editions

Omnichain Adventures 1&2 by Omni X, Ax Adventures produced for AX Protocol
Omnichain Adventures 1&2 by Omni X, Ax Adventures produced for AX Protocol

In a digital domain where open editions like Jack Butcher's Checks VV, XCOPY's Max Pain and Frens and Creature World’s Crowd have already left their mark, Omni X looks to stand out by fostering that same spirit of innovation and expanding it across the Omniverse.

Omnichain Adventures Parts I & II have already amassed 7M mints with nearly 300k total holders. The advantage lies in our Omnichain methodology. Our collections aren't just launched on one blockchain; they transcend boundaries, accessing diverse audiences across multiple chains.

Launch Open Editions with Omni X

By choosing to launch with us, creators receive a white glove service that guides their project every step of the way. Omni X empowers creators to focus solely on their art, eliminating the need to navigate the complexities of managing assets on multiple chains.

With Omni X, creators tap into a universe of interconnected audiences, all eager to discover the next big NFT, as we provide collectors with convenient access to acquiring digital artworks. Apply now to have your project incubated by Omni X!

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