Gasless NFT Experiences and Barrier-Free Mints Powered by Gelato Network


As the world embraces the decentralized revolution, Web3 is becoming an increasingly popular term in the realm of technology. Web3 represents the next generation of the internet, powered by blockchain technology and decentralized applications (dApps). However, despite the excitement and promise of Web3, it has its fair share of challenges – notably, the notorious gas fees associated with blockchain transactions.

This is where Gelato Network comes in, offering an innovative solution to transform the Web3 experience by subsidizing gas fees and lowering barriers to entry.

Gelato Network: Subsidizing Gas Fees for a Seamless Web3 Experience

At its core, Gelato Network provides a multitude of solutions for smart contract automation. One of the main applications of Gelato is to improve the user experience within the decentralized landscape by subsidizing gas fees through their keeper network. Traditionally, users are required to pay gas fees for various blockchain transactions, such as minting, sending, transferring, or purchasing NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These fees can be both expensive and unpredictable, creating friction for users when interacting with dApps.

By leveraging Gelato Network's technology, dApps can provide a more user-friendly experience by covering these transaction costs on behalf of their users. In some cases, this could even eliminate the need for users to sign any transactions in their wallets, allowing them to interact with dApps in a similar fashion to familiar Web2 platforms.

Gasless NFT Mints: Breaking Down Barriers for New Users

One of the most significant benefits of the Gelato Network's gasless solution is its potential to revolutionize the NFT space. NFTs, unique digital assets representing a wide variety of digital and physical objects, have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, the high gas fees associated with minting and trading NFTs can deter new users from participating in the market.

By offering gasless NFT mints, Gelato Network breaks down these barriers to entry, making it easier for new users to create, trade, and own NFTs. This gasless approach allows for a more inclusive and accessible NFT ecosystem, drawing parallels to the ease of use and popularity of Web2 content platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Case Study: Omni Elements - Pioneering Gasless NFTs with Gelato Network

Omni Elements, the first natively cross-chain NFT collection incubated and released by Omni X, serves as an excellent example of the transformative potential of Gelato Network's gasless mint technology. The collection's launch demonstrated just how seamless and user-friendly the process of claiming and minting NFTs can be when powered by Gelato Network.

Mint an Omni Element today -
Mint an Omni Element today -

During the first day of Omni Elements' release, users on the whitelist experienced a straightforward process for claiming their NFTs. All they needed to do was connect to the Arbitrum network and click "claim." After a short computation time, Gelato’s relayers took care of the minting transaction, and Omni Elements were delivered to a user’s wallet. Similarly, users looking to mint an Omni Element simply had to approve the use of USDC (USD Coin), a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. After getting an approval Omni Elements contract would go through the same process and mint NFTs to a user’s account without them having to pay the gas fee.

Challenging Web3 Expectations

The ease of these processes took many in the Web3 space by surprise, as they were unaccustomed to such a seamless user experience. Omni Elements' gasless minting, powered by Gelato Network, challenges the current expectations of Web3 users and showcases the potential for a more intuitive and frictionless blockchain-powered future.

In a sense, the Omni Elements case study almost feels like an "onboarding" of users from Web3 back to the simpler user experience of Web2 platforms. By integrating Gelato Network's gasless technology, Omni Elements has successfully bridged the gap between Web2 and Web3, making the process of claiming and minting NFTs as straightforward as interacting with traditional Web2 platforms.

The Road Ahead

Although it may take some time for the broader Web3 community to adjust their expectations and fully embrace the potential of gasless technologies, the Omni Elements case study highlights the value of a more user-friendly experience. As more projects and platforms adopt Gelato Network's gasless solutions, the barriers to entry for new users will continue to diminish, fostering greater adoption of Web3 technologies and accelerating the growth of the decentralized economy.

Omni Elements' successful implementation of Gelato Network's gasless mint technology serves as a powerful testament to the potential for a more accessible and seamless Web3 experience. By challenging current expectations and offering a more familiar user experience, projects like Omni Elements pave the way for the widespread adoption of Web3 technologies and a brighter, more decentralized future.


Gelato Network's innovative approach to subsidizing gas fees not only addresses a major pain point for users in the Web3 space but also holds the potential to reshape the NFT market. By providing a more accessible and user-friendly experience, Gelato Network is helping to bridge the gap between the decentralized world of Web3 and the familiarity of Web2 platforms. As a result, Gelato Network and Omni X are poised to play a significant role in driving widespread adoption of blockchain technology and the continued growth of the decentralized digital economy.

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