Maximizing OMNI Points

How to Earn

There are a few main ways to accumulate OMNI points and various multipliers that boost your earnings. In addition to earning OMNI points from minting both limited and open editions, you can now also accumulate them by bridging ONFTs from any enabled collection. By taking advantage of multipliers and bonuses, you can significantly enhance your points, propelling you up the leaderboard charts.

Step 1: Minting an ONFT on Omni X

To get started mint your first NFT on Omni X. This can be accomplished using various popular cryptocurrencies such as ETH, MATIC and USDC.

Collect our native collection, Omni Elements to start earning multiplier bonuses!
Collect our native collection, Omni Elements to start earning multiplier bonuses!

Thanks to the Omnichain nature of our launchpad, the minting process for most collections takes place across multiple chains. This grants you the flexibility to acquire NFTs on your preferred blockchain.

Upon each successful minting, you will be rewarded with a specific number of points, denominated as OMNI.

Please be aware that there could be delays in the accrual of points. In case of technical difficulties lasting longer than 24 hours, we kindly ask you to open a support ticket in the Omni X Discord server with a description of the issue you're experiencing.

Step 2: Bonus Multipliers

The primary way to multiply your OMNI points is to own our native ONFTs, Gregs and Omni Elements — when combined, these NFTs have the potential to generate up to 3x more points!

The OMNI multiplier formula is as follows:

Points Earned = Price × (1 + NFTs) × Multiplier


  • Price is the cost to mint an NFT on Omni X.

  • NFTs is the number of NFTs you're minting in one transaction.

  • Multiplier is the extra multiplier applied to the transaction.

The Multiplier is a factor that increases the number of points you receive for a transaction. The base multiplier value = 1. However, it can be enhanced based on whether you hold Gregs, Omni Elements or both:

  • x1.5: If you have Omni Elements NFTs in your wallet.

  • x2: If you have Gregs NFTs in your wallet.

  • x3: If you have both types of NFTs in your wallet.

This Multiplier schedule determines how much your points are boosted depending on the specific NFTs you hold in your wallet.

Step 3: Bridge Your ONFTs

Another new way to earn OMNI points is by bridging your ONFTs to any of the 13 EVM-compatible networks enabled by Omni X. To initiate this process, please visit your Profile. Once you’re there, hover your mouse cursor over the NFT preview, and a "Send" button will appear. Click on it. In the menu that pops up, choose the blockchain you wish to bridge to from the dropdown menu, and then click "Send" once more. Confirm the transaction in your wallet, and you're all set. Remember, every bridging transaction yields 1 OMNI point!

Bridge your enabled ONFTs to other networks to earn OMNI points
Bridge your enabled ONFTs to other networks to earn OMNI points

Bridging points will be enabled only for collections adhering to the AdvancedONFT721 token standard. This includes current collections like OA Adventures Part 2, Omni Ax Adventures, Omni Flowers, and Halfwish as well as all future ONFT collections launched on the Omni X Platform.

Step 4: Repeat

You can repeat the steps outlined above to significantly increase the total number of OMNI points you accumulate and eventually secure a high position on the leaderboard. Accumulated points and leaderboard position may be factors considered in any future special distribution events or promotions, should they occur.

You can conveniently manage your NFTs and monitor your accumulated points on your personal Profile page.

For Leaderboard rankings, visit the Stats page, where all Omni X users are listed based on their points in descending order.

Climb the leaderboard for a higher reward
Climb the leaderboard for a higher reward

Kickstart Your Omnichain Adventure:

  1. Unlock Your Power. Secure your first Multiplier by taming an Omni Element.

  2. Achieve Immortality: Enter the world of Halfwish and summon your Prime Hero.

  3. Collect Bouquets: Embark on a quest to collect rare Omni Flowers.

  4. And Remember, Nobody Should Be Fatherless: We’ll help you find your Dadbro.

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