Omni Elements: Unlocking Exciting Utilities for Greg Holders and the Omni X Community

Omni X is thrilled to introduce Omni Elements, a creative omnichain NFT collection designed to reward Greg holders and help reach the broader Omni X community and NFT ecosystem. With a range of unique utilities, Omni Elements aims to expand our reach, strengthen the community, and provide exclusive incentives and opportunities for its holders. In this article, we will explore the plans and utilities of Omni Elements and how they can benefit Greg holders and the entire Omni X ecosystem.

Omni Elements: Giving Gregs an Omni X PFP Identity

Omni Elements offers a fun and dynamic ONFT collection that Greg holders can use to represent themselves across various platforms. Sporting eye-catching artwork and distinct traits, Omni Elements serve as a perfect way to showcase your connection with the Omni X and omnichain community, while simultaneously increasing our visibility and reach.

Expanding the Omni X Community

With Omni Elements, we aim to grow and diversify the Omni X community. By attracting new members and fostering deeper connections among existing ones, we can create a robust and dynamic ecosystem where everyone can benefit from shared knowledge, resources, and opportunities.

Combining Forces: Unlock Additional Boosts with Omni Elements and Greg Holdings

For those committed to the Omni X ecosystem, holding both an Omni Element and a Greg ONFT offers unparalleled advantages. By holding and not listing both of these assets, users can unlock an additional boost to rewards during the incentivized Open Beta and Mainnet phases.

During the incentivized Open Beta, holders of both Omni Elements and Gregs will receive an increased boost to their rewards. This enhancement not only acknowledges the dedication of these community members but also encourages active testing and feedback to further refine the platform. By holding both ONFTs, users can maximize their $OMNI allocation, reaping the benefits of their invaluable contributions to the platform's development.

Mainnet: Amplify Your Earnings

When the Omni X Mainnet goes live, the rewards for those holding both Omni Elements and Gregs continue to grow. The synergistic effect of owning both ONFTs will grant users an additional boost to their rewards, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the potential of the Omni X ecosystem. These boosted rewards serve as a testament to the unwavering support and commitment of our most dedicated community members.

Exclusive Access to the Incentivized Omni X Open Beta

Omni Elements holders will have exclusive access, with Gregs, to the incentivized Omni X Open Beta, where they can earn $OMNI allocations for testing the platform. This unique opportunity allows members to actively contribute to the development of Omni X while being rewarded for their efforts and insights.

Earning $OMNI Allocations Through Beta Rewards

While Greg holders will receive an $OMNI allocation simply for holding (without listing), Omni Elements holders can only earn allocations through their participation in the beta rewards program. This distinction encourages active involvement from Omni Elements holders and ensures that their contributions directly impact the growth and success of the Omni X platform.

This will not effect the rewards pool size from the past two weeks of testing by Greg holders.

Off-Chain Staking System with Exclusive Benefits

Omni Elements holders can take advantage of an off-chain staking system, in collaboration with our partners at the Elysium protocol, by earning points for holding their NFTs and not listing them for sale. Holding both Greg and Elements will provide a points boost here as well! These points can be redeemed for various rewards, including:

  • Whitelist spots for upcoming NFT projects, giving holders early access to new and exciting collections

  • Physical Omni Elements merchandise and exclusive Omni X apparel, showcasing your support for the project and community in the physical world

  • An innovative trait swap system, more details to be announced soon!

  • ONFT and NFT prizes

Holding both an Omni Element and a Greg ONFT presents a formidable approach to optimizing rewards and advantages within the Omni X ecosystem. By leveraging the combined strengths of these distinctive assets, users can elevate their involvement during the incentivized Open Beta and Mainnet releases.

The Omni Elements minting event is set for tomorrow, 3/31/23. The mint link,, will be activated at the time of the mint. We're excited to witness Gregs acquiring their Elements and extend a warm welcome to new members joining our thriving community!

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