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Metaverse. We all heard this word thousands of times, it has popped up in virtually every single earnings call of all big tech companies and even with the governments betting big on it, the metaverse has sprawled far beyond the reach of crypto space. But what does it actually mean? We find Mathew Ball’s description to be the best at defining the metaverse: “a massively scaled and interoperable network of real-time rendered 3D virtual worlds which can be experienced synchronously and persistently by an effectively unlimited number of users with an individual sense of presence and with continuity of data, such as identity, history, entitlements, objects, communications, and payments.”

The key words here are “interoperable” and ”virtual worlds”. As of now any attempt at creating a metaverse exists in a vacuum of a single chain or a centralized infrastructure provider. Projects like Decentraland and Sandbox have brought community-owned mechanics to the table but they face the limitations of being deployed on a single network, namely the Ethereum mainnet. High barriers for entry, high demand for the blockspace and gas fees, lack of interoperability with other networks and worlds are just a few problems that stem out from being encapsulated on a single chain.


In order to overcome these challenges and bring the true vision of the metaverse to life we aim to build the Omniverse. Omniverse is an ecosystem of community-driven worlds and products, all connected together in an omnichain fashion thanks to the Layer Zero protocol. Games, NFT marketplaces, VR worlds, digital commodity and consensus markets, new multichain token standards and much more will all be products of the burgeoning Omniverse cosmos.

Imagine a world where trading and transferring data across blockchains can all be done within a single game/DEX/NFT marketplace UX without having to go to a third party bridge first. That’s what Layer Zero is bringing to the world. Layer Zero will initially be supporting such EVM-compatible networks as Ethereum mainnet, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism and Binance Smart Chain.

Omni Wars

Omni Wars is a groundbreaking blockchain game and proof-of-concept for the future of interoperability built within the Omniverse. No longer are individual blockchains isolated in their interactions. Leveraging Layer Zero technology, Omni Wars facilitates the battling of various blockchain factions all in one game.

Omni Wars is a compete-2-earn (C2E) strategy game where each warring faction is a collection of players on various blockchains – Polygon, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche. Players choose their faction for the game based on their preferred chain. Each faction will compete to win a grand prize pool each gaming season. While each faction will start off their own home-world, the best alliances will eventually dominate those planets and will get a chance to fight leaders of other factions on the main planet Etherea. More information regarding the gameplay will be provided in further blog posts and our documentation.

An overview of the Omni Wars galaxy where each faction has a dedicated sector with the main sector of Etherea standing in the center
An overview of the Omni Wars galaxy where each faction has a dedicated sector with the main sector of Etherea standing in the center

Omniverse DAO and Omni Labs

The Omniverse DAO is a community-run initiative to build out the Omniverse. This will include game art, gameplay mechanics, lore (fan fiction, comics, storylines), marketing, governance, dapp engineering, community building and more.

Omni Labs is the core team of members creating the game and other pieces of the omnichain application layer utilizing Layer Zero technology.


Our priority, first and foremost, is to create an engaging and competitive game. The game will have “seasons” of live competition. Each year, as the team grows and development continues, the game will have an increasing amount of complexity in gameplay, features, and art. With Layer Zero’s expansion, there will be new blockchains and factions folded in as well.

We are working on several projects that will enhance the Omniverse ecosystem and the revenue stream of the Omniverse DAO:

  • Genesis Omniverse NFT Collection: In order to raise initial funds and excitement around the game, we will have a genesis NFT collection. These NFTs will have future utility in the Omni Wars game and they are also symbolic gestures of your allegiance to the preferred faction/blockchain.
  • Omni Wars Lore: As hinted, we want this to be more than just a game. We want people to build on it any way they can imagine – fanfiction, art, comics, and more. The goal is to build out a whole world that ties all the blockchains together, both technically and metaphorically.
  • Layer Zero x Omni Labs NFT marketplace: For the foreseeable future, platforms like OpenSea and LooksRare will dominate the generic NFT scene. However, we notice a rise in niche NFT marketplaces that better suit alternate mediums like music and gaming. In collaboration with the Layer Zero team, we are building a framework for spinning up niche omnichain NFT marketplaces. The Omniverse NFT marketplace will be a proof of concept for the framework as a whole. Any future game will be able to leverage our framework to easily build their own game specific marketplace that seamlessly works on any chain supported by Layer Zero. This means that no bridging using an external third-party protocol is required for cross-chain transfers and transactions.
Omni Wars Original Stargate Concept by Vincentius Matthew
Omni Wars Original Stargate Concept by Vincentius Matthew

When token?

Yes, there will be a token. In fact, there likely will be two! We are not ready to share details on the tokenomics, but it will have a ton of utility. Think in-game political decision making, cross-chain governance, marketplace currency, redistribution of revenue from licensing the marketplace framework to other projects and more. That’s all we will share for now.

Join Us

Seriously, join us. This project cannot survive without interested and talented individuals like yourself. We need artists, gaming enthusiasts, storytellers, engineers, whales, community builders, marketers, meme dealers and everyone else in between.

Here is our Discord and Twitter

We’ll see you in the Omniverse!

Concept art created by: Vincentius Matthew

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