Innovating with AdvancedONFT721APro


AdvancedONFT721APro is a powerful new smart contract for minting NFTs. It combines the best aspects of ERC721A with omnichain capability and dynamic pricing, while also greatly improving gas savings.

One of the important innovations in this iteration of ONFTs is taking advantage of the gas savings introduced in ERC721A, while maintaining the ability to mint specific ranges of tokenIds on different chains (for example, 0-1000 on ETH, 1000-2000 on ARB, and so on). This, paired with the ability to seamlessly bridge across 19+ EVM chains, enables greater flexibility in creating and distributing your NFTs.

We’ve combined this with a unique, "dynamic pricing" mechanism. This helps to maintain a consistent rate of token creation throughout the minting period. It slightly increases the price for each new mint and decreases it after a set time period of no new mints. This keeps the minting process fair and consistent, making it easier for creators to manage pricing without worrying about complex settings.

Last but not least, let's examine Omni X's recent incubation projects and assess the extent to which AdvancedONFT721APro enhances gas savings. This assessment will enable us to quantify potential user savings as well as the amount of gas Omni X has already saved for its users and community. 👇

A Closer Look at the Technical Details

The AdvancedONFT721APro development initiates from an ERC721A variant: ERC721ASpecific. An essential step in Omnichain Non-Fungible Token (ONFT) creation is leveraging an ERC721 foundation capable of minting distinct tokenIds, ensuring consistent metadata across chains. The standard ERC721A, designed for substantial gas savings during batch minting, unfortunately lacks this specific minting capability. Familiarity with ERC721A's workings is crucial for appreciating ERC721ASpecific's uniqueness (refer: Your Guide to ERC721A).

ERC721ASpecific employs a hybrid method, combining ERC721A and Open Zeppelin's traditional ERC721. TokenIds within a chain's minting scope utilize the ERC721A strategy, not associating every tokenId with an owner. However, Ids beyond this scope, minted on alternate chains, adopt the OZ ERC721 approach, linking each tokenId to a specific owner.

Observe the conditionals at lines 853 and 854. They restrict the internal function invocation solely to tokenIds beyond the chain's mint range. Furthermore, line 865 avoids embedding extra data into the ownership uint256, limiting it to the owner. This optimizes gas usage and omits the unnecessary 'next initialized' flag in this tokenId range.

In essence, the hybrid method utilizes ERC721A's batch minting efficiencies while preserving the capability to mint distinct tokenIds for the remainder. This necessitates managing a universal min-max range across all chains. TokenIds within this boundary can be allocated as deemed appropriate by the NFT creator across all supported chains.


Considering these enhancements, AdvancedONFT721APro emerges as the premier solution, skillfully combining the best features of previous NFT smart contracts. It offers the unique capability to mint and distribute NFTs across different blockchains, along with gas optimizations and advanced pricing curves that yield benefits to both creators and collectors. Welcome the future of NFT technology through AdvancedONFT721APro - where boundless possibilities meet unmatched convenience.

Test out the gas savings for yourself by minting our latest collection deployed on Base! Check out Omnichain Adventures Part 2 at

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