OmniFlix inSync is now deployed on Secret Network (SCRT)

Fam, today we are very pleased and excited to announce that we will be supporting Secret Network on OmniFlix inSync.

OmniFlix inSync on Secret Network will be accessible on the URL -

OmniFlix inSync for Cosmos SDK based chains

OmniFlix inSync is a client and an interface for on-chain interactions that bootstrap interactions with the network. Participation in activities like Staking and Governance determine community involvement. Ease of access is key for increased participation and OmniFlix inSync provides that.

A simple app that’s focused on on-chain interactions with the network. These interactions include activities like:

  • Staking of voting power (includes unstaking & re-staking as well)

  • Governance participation (for community members to vote on various proposals)

Bootstrapping these activities help the network to launch with just OmniFlix inSync as the first dApp on the entire network. The first implementation and the best example of this was the implementation for Juno Network on Current popular implementations include Chihuahua, Comdex,, Cheqd and others where OmniFlix inSync has been the first or one of the first apps deployed on the network.

Why deploy on Secret Network?

On Secret Network, although we’re not the first, we’re very excited to deploy the implementation and reach out to the vibrant community of Secret Agents evangelizing the Secret Network.

Check out the interview with Can Kisagun from Secret Network during the 1st season of Conversations with Jack

Potential synergies between both networks

As OmniFlix, we’ve explored the Secret Network for both privacy during transfer of fungible tokens and also for privacy during NFT ownership.

OmniFlix intends to get involved in the ecosystem by contributing, and this integration with OmniFlix inSync is a step in the direction towards building and adding value to the network.

How to use OmniFlix inSync on Secret Network?

View tokens available, staked and proposals to vote on right on the landing page
View tokens available, staked and proposals to vote on right on the landing page
  1. Go to OmniFlix inSync implementation on Secret Network -

  2. Connect your wallet using the connect button to the top right corner.

  3. If you have tokens, they will be displayed under Available Tokens.

  4. You can use the Stake button on the home page or click on the Stake tab to view a list of validators to Stake. Clicking on the Stake tab will take you to the URL to delegate/un-delegate/re-delegate your tokens.

  5. You can also participate in governance proposals by visiting the Proposals tab with the URL (secret.OmniFlix/proposals). Click on a proposal and participate in the governance process.

    • You can vote on new proposals that you haven’t already voted. After voting, your vote will be displayed for your reference.

    • You can also vote on proposals that you have already voted and overwrite your vote.

You can check out the entire process with screenshots below👇

Step 1 - Go to
Step 1 - Go to
Step 2 - Select your wallet and click on it
Step 2 - Select your wallet and click on it
Step 3 - Go to the Stake tab
Step 3 - Go to the Stake tab
Step 4 - Select a Validator
Step 4 - Select a Validator
Step 5 - Click
Step 5 - Click
Step 6 - View confirmed transaction
Step 6 - View confirmed transaction
Step 7 - View your delegated tokens on the landing page on
Step 7 - View your delegated tokens on the landing page on

Want to know more or want to implement OmniFlix inSync for your network? Fork it on GitHub.

What is the Secret Network?

As per Messari, Secret Network is an independent, base-layer blockchain network built using the Cosmos SDK. It supports smart contract development and introduces data privacy by default for these contracts, enabling developers to build decentralized applications that also protect user data and preserve privacy.

The Secret Network has a very vibrant ecosystem with multiple DeFi and NFT based dApps deployed on the network.

What is OmniFlix Network?

OmniFlix is a p2p network for creators and sovereign communities to create, manage, mint/tokenize, distribute and monetize their intellectual property with their community. Although OmniFlix started building infrastructure for media assets, they are now present in verticals like building infrastructure for metaverse worlds, in-game assets and even events like Cosmoverse.

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