Fathers of Life

An Invocation of the Rising Masculine

Brothers, Fathers, Sons,

Her body does not belong to you. Her time, her energy, her love and her attention are not yours.

I know what it is to be afraid of the darkness, to grasp furtively at illusions of control, structures of meaning that seem to sooth the gnawing awareness of death and loneliness.

For countless generations our DNA has encoded patterns of genetic survival. For countless generations the masculine has been tasked with the sacred duty of protection. Yet along this journey we have forgotten the harmonic balance of the Great Mother, the Lover of RA, and the Creatrix of the Universe.

The time of struggle for survival is ending as we awaken a new expression of life’s longing for life. As the Shadows of division, intolerance, self-obsession, judgement, co-dependence, control, dishonor, constriction, pride, force, expectation, deafness, domination, agitation, victimization, and limitation are transmuted and transformed into their Gift and Siddhic frequencies, a new expression of the masculine archetype is yearning to be born. Just as humanity must now write a new story to explain its cosmic destiny in the face of ecocide and self-destruction, man must now re-invent his relationship to the web of life in the face of rape, domination, and selfishness.

The weapons of violence, rage, and destruction, dulled by thousands of years of incessant use into petty intimidation, emotional manipulation, and implicit authority, must be melted in the flames of pure consciousness and molded into plowshares to harvest humanity’s collective potential.

May we use our strength, our intellect, our heart’s pure devotion to build temples to the sacred feminine force of life, in so doing making love through the purity of our offering. May the structures of our minds, bodies, and world be supple yet firm like Brother Cedar who gracefully sways in the wind while holding form. May our struggle become one of surrendering deeper and deeper to the wisdom of the One Feminine Mind and Heart, that our structures may contract and expand with her cycles. May we struggle to open our hearts and minds to contain, support, and offer form to the infinite formless sea of Sophia’s vast Love and Wisdom. May we see our sisters not as objects, tools, or balm for our wounds, but as Temples of Life Becoming Life.

Approaching the altar of this Yoni-verse, a fractal whole of the womb of creation, may we lay the gifts of our soul without attachment or expectation. Should we be admitted entrance within the holy of holy sanctums, may our phallus be an offering of pure wholeness, pure harmony, completing the Resurrection of Osiris through his union with Isis’ devotion, creating the Christ Horus whose finite infinitude is the Glory of Creation.

This is my prayer. I weep in the face of its beauty. Glory of glories, lightness of light, radiant Earth. I see it within you. The seed lies waiting for the sweet rain of your tears that it might break open to germinate in the rich soil of your soul.

May we hold the staff of council, not as a talking stick but as a pillar of light around which the wisdom of life may dance and play. May we hold the circle around the fire such that all are safe and included. May our noble silence speak louder than the shouts of lost men. May our speech be nourishment to the ears that hear it. May we explore the feminine intelligence of our own bodies, our own dreams, and the cycles of Earth, Moon, and Stars such that our own completeness exudes from each cell and pore of our bodies. May we taste the quintessence of our soul, knowing it is neither male nor female but the perfect union of God, Flesh, and Spirit. May we descend into our own darkness that we may uncover the perfection of our pain. May this redemption be the source of our strength. May all beings come to know their own perfection through the light of our loving awareness. May we return to the Source of all that is, knowing that we did what was ours to do. May the dream of an awakened humanity and a Christed Earth be made manifest through our transfiguration.

May we become Fathers of Life.





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