Implications of Blockchain on Healthcare (draft, in-progress)
December 21st, 2021

Blog is in-progress, I understand there is a draft feature to hide it until it is ready to be published. By publishing my unfinished work, I am pushed to complete it earlier and think about what I am trying to convey in great detail.

I’ve recently met with a mentor of mine that has experience in healthcare

Publication of personal information

Before we get into the implications that blockchain will have on healthcare, I want to explore a tangential scenario that we can analyze in detail.

Establishing focus for this blog

While there are many areas that can be analyzed regard this issue, I will only focus on the mental health implications as its impact is of greater magnitude.

As always, if you do find any errors or gaps in logic or otherwise, please provide me with feedback and engage me in discourse through my twitter account @omarnwaked

Many thanks from your friendly snowman lookalike :)

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