Remarkable Speed and Progress of LONG Testnet, Powered by OpenEX Community

In just three days, the OpenEX and Agiex teams have successfully launched numerous functions and applications on the LONG testnet. These momentous achievements demonstrate their profound expertise in the Web3 sector and exceptional execution efficiency.

Celebrations at OpenEX continue as we reveal the lightning-fast implementation and introduction of multiple functionalities on the LONG Testnet.

The festive momentum began with the successful launch of the testnet explorer. Then, it escalated dramatically with the deployment of the swap smart contract and user interface, followed by the test coin faucet and OpenWallet asset management.

With the overwhelming response from our community, we spiced things up even more. Yes, we introduced a new test coin—LONG—and based on it, we rolled out the Stake Pledge function and reward collection functionality. All these within just three days!

Then came the launch of the vote voting function and, based on those votes, we completed a simplified version of the testnet KYC and airdrop contract function testing. Additionally, we set the stage for the future by activating the test cross-chain bridge.

All of these features, although not yet perfect, are a testament to our combined strength—OpenEX and Agiex teams. Our profound Web3 expertise and exceptional execution efficiency shone brightly as we accomplished so much in such a short time.

However, as we celebrate these successes, we also recognize the contributions and feedback of our invaluable community members. These incredible leaps forward are not just ours—they belong to each and every member of the OpenEX community who ensure our continuous improvement.

With such unwavering passion from our community and the dynamic collaboration of our teams, we are confident that OpenEX is poised for accelerated growth.

The OpenEX project community has shown an incredible response to the LONG Testnet, achieving near 80K in daily trading volumes, tens of thousands of daily new active addresses and nearly 500K cross-chain transactions. The impressive figures have surpassed many established L1 and L2 mainnets.

The strength, energy, and dynamism of this community are just astounding. It's only been a few days since the launch of the LONG testnet, and we are already registering significant milestones, surpassing many popular L1 and L2 mainnets.

The LONG testnet has recorded near 80K in daily trading volume — an authentic testament to the exceptional commitment from OpenEX users. The numbers speak for themselves, demonstrating a high level of engagement, trust, and belief in the OpenEX project community's potential.

In addition to the skyrocketing trading volumes, we have seen an impressive influx of new active addresses—tens of thousands every day—indicating a growing network of OpenEX users driven by our mission to redefine decentralized exchange.

Most noteworthy, however, are the almost 500,000 cross-chain transactions carried out. It's a clear indicator that the transition to a more interconnected blockchain future is not just possible; it’s happening right now at OpenEX.

The incredible response to the LONG testnet is overwhelming proof of the power of the OpenEX community. Together, we have shown that we are capable of achieving great things. Let's keep pushing forward. Because, with OpenEX, the future is abundant.


The testnet RPC Service can be used after adding the network through mainstream web3 wallets such as Metamask.(ChainID:7798,Native Token:USDT)

RPC Service:

The Long testnet provides a comprehensive blockchain explorer for users to use, where they can submit and verify smart contract code.

Explorer URL:

The Long testnet also offers a simple swap contract and interaction interface for users to experience and try.

Swap interface URL:

Finally, thanks to the agiex team for providing a faucet interface for the Long testnet, allowing users to claim the testnet's Native Token for various tests. You just need to interact with Agiex's smart contract on Core to receive 10 testnet Tokens.

Faucet URL:

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