Empowering Community Growth: Celebrating $COME's Success and the Future of OEX Mainnet

We are thrilled to announce that $COME (Call of Memes Yachts Club Token) has made a spectacular debut on OpenEX (Core) DEX, creating waves across the crypto community! Upon its launch, $COME dedicated 100% of its tokens to the liquidity pool and took an unprecedented step by burning all LP tokens, permanently locking the liquidity. This bold move paid off remarkably, as $COME achieved an astonishing 10,000x growth within the first 24 hours. This phenomenal performance not only captured the attention of major exchanges like MEXC but also placed $COME among the top meme coins on the Solana chain, even breaking into the top three gainers on DEX. Join us in celebrating this monumental success that sets $COME apart in the dynamic world of meme tokens!

The $COME team has set a new standard in the meme coin space by not reserving any tokens for themselves—instead, all tokens were placed directly into the liquidity pool and permanently locked. Their official promotional approach, adorned with hashtags like #DontBuy, #DontFOMO, and #JustEnjoy, embodies a spirit of pure entertainment and a community-first philosophy, perfectly aligning with the ethos of the #OEXCommunity. From day one, OpenEX has been a project completely driven by its community—there are no divides here; we are the community. This shared commitment to prioritizing community interests has resonated deeply with the OpenEX community, catapulting $COME to immense popularity and community endorsement. Within just 72 hours, the number of token holders on the blockchain skyrocketed to an impressive 130,000.

CoreDAO has provided an exceptionally fast, highly decentralized, and remarkably affordable blockchain infrastructure, laying a robust foundation for meme coins with large community bases. Emerging from the CoreDAO ecosystem, OpenEX has built its trading infrastructure with an expansive community at its core, consistently prioritizing community interests. Carefully selecting projects that also prioritize community, OpenEX aims to provide its users with not only entertainment and participation but also enhanced spiritual and additional rewards. The community's growth and well-being are always at the forefront of OpenEX's priorities.

This powerful synergy has paved the way for $COME's incredible achievements, which are a direct result of collaborative efforts and participation from the OEX, CoreDAO, SatoshiPlus, and $COME communities. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all community members for creating their own legend together, showcasing the power of unity and shared vision in the blockchain space.

The OEX Mainnet is actively in preparation and is slated to launch its Alpha version in the second quarter. This development will significantly enhance the trading infrastructure for the OEX community, allowing more high-quality projects and assets to be traded more efficiently and at lower costs. By reducing transaction fees and increasing asset liquidity, the OEX Mainnet will expand opportunities for community members to grow and thrive within the ecosystem. This upgrade is a strategic step toward empowering our community, enabling smoother transactions and fostering a more vibrant and active market environment. We look forward to unveiling these advancements, which are poised to redefine the trading experience for our users.

Inspired by the ethos and appeal of the Call of Memes project, a significant number of meme-themed projects and technological infrastructure initiatives are actively seeking to establish partnerships with OEX, with plans to launch on the OEX Mainnet. OEX is committed to carefully selecting projects that embody a community-first spirit, ensuring that the OEX community can engage from the earliest stages. We are eagerly anticipating the growth of our community's strength, both spiritually and in various other aspects. These collaborations promise to harness the collective power of our community, bolstering our network and enriching the ecosystem with diverse, community-driven projects. Let's look forward to a more empowered and interconnected OEX community.

Please note that this article discusses technical aspects and community culture only and does not constitute investment advice. Always do your own research (DYOR) before making any investment decisions.

Additionally, CoreDAO and OpenEX are open protocols where anyone can create assets and liquidity pools. The creation of liquidity pools on OpenEX and Long Swap does not imply official endorsement by either platform.


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