$f00d IDO Detailed Rules

Why Open Foodie and $f00d?

  • Tapping into the $10 billion BTC IP market.

  • Collaborating with renowned global artists to co-create innovative NFT concepts.

  • Seamlessly transitioning from Web2 to Web3 using advanced AIGC technology.

  • Partnering strategically with innovative food companies for co-branding initiatives.

  • Hosting global culinary events across 10 countries/cities.

  • The earlier you enter, the greater the rewards - don't miss out!

  • Most importantly, WE under promise and over deliver

The $f00d unifies Open Foodie BTC ecosystem, connecting artists, users, and partners. Its value increases as user engagement grows, further solidifying the relationship between the token and the brand.

$f00d IDO Details
$f00d IDO Details

IDO Time and Duration

  • Starting Time: TBA

  • Duration: 6H advance for $f00d whitelist phase, followed by public sale.

Platform Infomation

  • Fundraising Token: Using Bitcoin for contribution on Bitcoin network (BRC20)

  • Platform: Open Foodie Website

Price & Release Schedule

  • Price: 0.002 BTC / 4200 $f00d or 0.00000048BTC / $f00d

  • Total Token Supply: 21 Million

  • IDO Released Token Total Amount: 50% - 10.5 Million

$f00d Tokenomics
$f00d Tokenomics

What To Expect?

This IDO is not just about the Open Foodie BTC Ecosystem, but about each individual seeking a mass adoption chance in the Web3 field.

We have been through the toughest times, witnessing numerous failed and rug-pulled projects. Yet, we continue to buidl.

With the support of the Open Foodie community, we can confidently unfold a grander narrative.

This is a golden ticket to shape a new era.

Hype from the Open Foodie!

Explore for more:

Website: https://openfoodie.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/openfoodieNFT

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/openfoodie

Bitcoin Foodie Collection: https://magiceden.io/ordinals/marketplace/bitcoin-foodie

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