Opside Validator Whitelist Application - Round II

We always put the community's concerns first. Due to the recent huge enthusiasm from our community to become the Opside validators, we decided to restart the whitelist application now!

The validator faucet whitelist application form is open! Sign up to claim Testnet tokens! Google form

The testnet tokens from the validator faucet will be used for validators to participate in PoS consensus. Validators are required to deposit 25000 IDE to the deposit contract.

Application Round II starts from: 10AM UTC, 26th MAY

How to enter

  • Complete the Google form to apply as a validator

  • The whitelisted addresses of successful applicants will be updated weekly. (Note: one Discord username corresponds to one wallet address)

  • Participants who sign up between 10AM UTC last Friday and 10AM UTC this Friday will be counted for that week

  • All applicants can access the validator faucet channel in the Opside Discord community after 2PM UTC every Friday

  • Input your wallet address and check if you have been chosen into the validator whitelist this week

  • If your address is whitelisted, you will receive testnet $IDE on our Discord validator faucet channel

  • Stake the testnet $IDE and become an Opside validator

If your address is not whitelisted, you will receive the reminder from Opside faucet bot: 'You are not qualified for Validators, please participate in the new round of validator application activities.'

Recommended Hardware Configurations as a Validator

  • OS: 64-bit Linux, Mac OS X 10.14+, Windows 10+ 64-bit

  • CPU: 4+ cores @ 2.8+ GHz

  • Memory: 16GB+ RAM

  • Storage: SSD with at least 500GB free space

Opside Intro

Opside offers ZK-Rollup-as-a-Service featuring ZKP mining, combining PoS and PoW consensus. It provides scalable zkEVM chains for Web3 developers, tackling Layer 2 limitations with a unique design. With rapid transactions, minimal fees, and easy ZK-Rollup project deployment, Opside supplies essential hardware resources and enables seamless asset transfers.

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