ORA Points Program Handbook

About ORA


ORA is Ethereum’s trustless AI that enables AI and any-size compute on blockchains.

ORA breaks down the limitations of smart contracts by offering—AI, richer data sources and arbitrary compute—so developers can innovate freely.

ORA’s work has been trusted by Compound, Ethereum Foundation, Uniswap, Optimism, Arbitrum, and more.

ORA makes Onchain AI reality. ORA contributes a suite of cutting-edge research and products to the field of onchain AI, including zkML, opML, and opp/ai.

www.ora.io | x.com/oraprotocol | discord.gg/MgyYbW9dQj

ORA Onchain AI Oracle

ORA’s Onchain AI Oracle (OAO) is ORA's verifiable and decentralized AI oracle.

OAO enables anyone to use onchain AI inference on any blockchain, with Optimistic Machine Learning.

ORA Points Program


ORA Points Program is focused on identifying contributors who engage with ORA ecosystem.

Points can serve as an indicator for early critical mass of ORA’s ecosystem. At the same time, the Program can help surface community feedback and requests quickly.


Task 1: Register in ORA Points Program with Address and Twitter

10 Points, Required Task

To join the ORA Points Program, your first step is to connect to the ORA Points Program via a blockchain address and Twitter. This quest is designed to ensure Proof of Humanity so that real community members, not bots, are rewarded.

To complete task 1:

  1. Go to the ORA Points Program page

  2. Connect Wallet

  3. Connect Twitter (you will sign in the wallet to confirm, then go to the Twitter page to connect the two accounts)

  4. Once connected, your Twitter account will automatically follow @ORAProtocol to get the latest information.

After completing task 1, you can access and see your score in the ORA Points Dashboard.

Task 2: Use ORA Onchain AI Oracle

30 - 50 Points Per Usage, Repeatable Task

ORA OAO enables verifiable, decentralized AI inference onchain. You can call AI directly onchain through OAO.

To complete task 2:

  1. Go to the ORA OAO Page

  2. Select a model to use

  3. Use OAO on mainnets (eg. Ethereum mainnet, Optimism mainnet…). Follow this video tutorial if you have questions.

  4. Sign transaction for calling AI request

Once AI results are returned on the same page, you can access and see your score in the ORA Points Dashboard.

Task 3: Referral

10% of Referee’s Points as Referrer, 5 Points as Referee, Repeatable for Referring others

The ORA Points Program comes with a Referral System. There are 2 ways to partake: i) Join as a referee through other people’s referral code or ii) become a referrer and share ORA Points Program with others.

Here are the steps for confirming your referee status:

  1. Go to the ORA Points Program Dashboard

  2. Fill in your referral code in “Enter Code” section

  3. You will receive 5 Points for this confirmation as referee

Here are the steps for referring others:

  1. Go to the ORA Points Program Dashboard

  2. Locate your referral code on Dashboard

  3. Distribute referral code to others

  4. Once others used your referral code, you will get 10% of the referee’s points continuously

More Tasks

In the future, we will enable more tasks for users to learn about and participate in ORA’s ecosystem.

ORA Points Program Tips

Here are some tips to take part in the ORA Points Program effectively:

  • Try and call all models on all chains at different cost and features.

  • Spread the word and share your referral code widely.

  • Encourage your referees to become an active participant since points equivalent to 10% of theirs will be credited to you.


ORA Points Program is a unique opportunity for our community members to actively participate and shape the ORA ecosystem.

ORA Points Program not only rewards your engagement but also allows us to grow and develop our offerings based on your valuable input.

We're excited to have you on this journey with us. Have fun exploring all the tasks, making the most of the referral system, and keeping an eye out for new tasks. Let's shape the future of onchain AI together!

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