Orb, the Web3 Everyday App Raises $2.3 Million

Orb Technology Inc, the developer of web3 everyday app Orb, announced today that the Company has raised $2.3 million from Superscrypt, Founders Inc, Foresight Ventures, Daedalus, Aave Companies, Mask Network, Arkstream and notable angels, including Stani Kulechov (Aave Companies), Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), Eric Tang (Livepeer), Jesus Perez Sanchez (Cryptoplaza), among others.

The funds will be used to scale the Orb team and accelerate the development of new social experiences on-chain, combining commerce, content and communication.

Built for the growing community of web3 users, Orb provides a gateway into the new Internet allowing users to establish and maintain connections with others through onchain communities. Utilizing their Lens ID to log in, users can use Orb’s iOS and Android apps to participate in the growing number of diverse communities, share and monetize content, send direct messages to any web3 wallet address, and discover, follow and support new artists and creators with full ownership and control over their profile, data, algorithms and social graph.

“Our mission is to make Orb the primary way for people to connect, interact and transact in daily life on web3. We are dedicated to creating compelling mobile-social experiences that bring utility and value to people’s lives, enable unique communities to flourish and that reward participation,” said Nilesh Rathore, co-founder and CEO of Orb.

Orb is developing new mechanisms for creators and tools for communities with features leveraging recent innovations in Web3 and AI with the goal of enabling user-owned communities. Since the initial phases of rolling out the communities feature, Orb has received 400+ requests for new communities having 5,000+ users who have generated 15,000+ publications and 150,000+ reactions just inside the

communities. While still in early stages, Orb continues to onboard communities, develop features, and bring web3 social into events like ETHDenver and ETHTokyo. Noteworthy communities encompass Refraction, an artist-owned community, and Zerion DNA, a Web3 community tailored for users of the Zerion wallet. Orb plans to enable anyone to create a community.

Our goal is to lead the development of a new Internet community layer. Any onchain action can be made into a community. Lens Protocol enables us to build communities that have ownership, whereas other web3 development, such as token-bound accounts, will drive improvements in both mobility and privacy,” said Kimmo Sirén, co-founder of Orb. “By utilizing Lens tools and profile, we can build most effectively and efficiently, while participating in the future direction of the protocol and focusing on the experience layer that consumers care about.”

“Superscrypt has strong conviction that web3 social will enable new experiences and communities that are not possible today, driving new forms of identity, connection & value creation for users. We are excited to partner with the Orb team whose vision and execution will help bring these experiences to life," said Jad Chahine, partner at Superscrypt.

“Orb Team is focused on bringing value to users while leveraging web3 technology, all at a rapid pace. They launched LivePeer integration over a single weekend, bringing smooth video experiences to users on the Orb platform, ” said Eric Tang, co-founder of Livepeer.

“Orb is the first application in the Lens ecosystem to raise funding, creating momentum for a wave of new apps built on web3 technologies,” said Stani Kulechov, Founder of Aave Companies and Lens Protocol. “Orb has created a great user experience and continues to innovate at a rapid pace. We are very excited to see what comes next from this talented team.”

Download Orb: https://orb.ac

Stay up to date with Orb:

Lens: https://orb.ac/@orbapp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/orbapp_

Contact: hi@orb.ac

About Orb – The Everyday app for Web3 Social

Orb is a Lens-native everyday mobile app with communities at its core. Orb believes that everyone in a digital world should be entitled to full ownership and true control over their social media content and experience. Orb is dedicated to creating an app that allows users to experience boundless content discovery, be it music, podcasts, videos and more, and to have unlimited opportunities for monetizing their content and consumption via web3 primitives. Through exclusive communities, Orb lets everyone find their place by connecting like-minded individuals in a secure and permissionless environment.

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