A Thank You Note to GenZ

Dear GenZ,

Thank you.

Thank you for your transparency. You show up as your authentic self in a world full of deception and inequality. That must be hard.

Thank you for your curiosity. You question the things that don't make sense during a time when a lot of things don't make sense. We support those questions.

Thank you for listening. You continue to hear the world for what it is, yet remain confident in how you want it to be. Thats courageous.

Thank you for your interest. You ask the most amazing questions with simplicity as if the world should be able to answer. We should, we just can't.

Thank you for your contribution. You're building an amazing virtual world of connections, adventures, and opportunities and you may not even realize it. Most adults dismiss the very existence of this ecosystem. It will serve you well, keep building.

Thank you for embodying hope. In a time of great uncertainty around the world, I look into your eyes and I see the amazing possibility and endless supply of hope. I'm here to protect that flame.

“We have started the journey, but it's your expedition to lead.”

Go boldly. Don't stop. Be brave. This world is yours to reimagine and thank you. Challenge accepted.

With love, perspective, resonance, concern, empathy, and support.

~Us. 💓🚀♻🤘🏼

If you are in a position of influence, leadership, or support and your current role requires thought and contribution for future growth and sustainability, please read this article.

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fotocred: Ben White

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