The 3am wake-up thoughts are the best. Sure, they’re disruptive to sleep quality but neural correlates of Eureka moments are GIFTS to entrepreneurs. They are the output generated from all the input - and they’re not restricted to showing up between 9am - 5pm M-F. Lately, it’s been an output buffet, thanks to some amazing conversations with the network.

So what’s with the title? rEI stands for Remote Enablement Initiatives. In its most basic form, rEI is a module that stands alone and helps companies/universities envision and explore the concept of Remote First. These are concepts that are, in part, brand new. A result similar in prophecy to Moore’s Law; new technology will simply appear as computing power increases and cost reduces. We don’t have to look very hard to see adoption curves in straight lines these days. In fact - let’s not look at now, let’s look at 2008-2017 with word mentions on earnings calls:

(psst - this isn't new)
(psst - this isn't new)

Honestly - it’s why so many programmers and computer scientists are straight-up cranky in the chats and blogs. This graph STOPS in 2017. From here, the devs got busy. What people are starting to see is the delivery of these discussions in forms of applied technology. The very technology that will help us work from anywhere, anytime, with anyone. This is the globalization of learning and the start of a unified language.

Remote Enablement Initiatives help organizations understand the new tools in the toolshed.

     > All future employees should be considered Remote-First.

      > Remote-First employees require a TON of activity-based programming.

      > Considerations around psychological safety and cybersecurity are essential.

      > Stable internet and sustainable power are elemental - like carbon and oxygen.

      > Edge devices and connectivity platforms are the new FF&E.

      > Job Descriptions will be the source of workflows.

      > Compensation will eventually be directly correlated to contribution.

If we reframe the discussion around this thinking, enterprise initiatives like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) can be elevated and visualized. A common taxonomy can be implemented and humans can think about what matters - like bias, inclusion, environment, sustainability, and community building.

So whose role is that?

Workplace Strategy, Employee Experience, and Workplace Design are a natural nexus. How they inform CRE depends on how well CRE speaks their language. If we can somehow build a neural network around our employee experience - and make it interoperable - I think we all stand to benefit. We’re already seeing flexible leasing options and curated event space to earn the in-person. Why can’t we inform this thinking with custom rEI around the purpose of the organization to organically create the new version of work? If we did that - wouldn’t the ‘place’ already be awesome?

Naturally, the seed can yield fruit. Naturally, people want to be engaged. Maybe this is really about agency and the human need to contribute rather than being told. Maybe we’re stronger as a common organization when we contribute our individual support.

They do say a high tide raises all ships.

Let’s learn together.

#TotalTenancy™ #OrionGrowth

Photo by Luke Moss on Unsplash

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