November 23rd, 2022

This is the best holiday in the US. Being thankful is possible no matter who you are or where you come from. It takes awareness and reflection and requires us to pause from the craziness. It doesn’t have to be bigger than life - it can be short, sweet, and intimate. Finding something to be thankful for is as important as any self-help ritual, diet, or nutritional supplement. It’s good for your soul and it’s good for your community.

Have you ever stopped to look at the research behind gratitude and the grateful mind?

     * Feel Happier

     * Strengthen Positive Recall

     * Deepen Resilience

Similarly, the research also shows you can nourish a grateful body:

     * Boost Immunity & Heart Health

     * Calm the Nervous System

     * Make Healthier Choices

Intentional thanks to those we love and appreciate leads to:

     * Stronger Connections

     * Better Communication

     * Engaged Communities

We could all use a healthy dose of gratitude - regardless of where we live or who we love. Being grateful doesn’t require a certain age of experience or level of education. It requires no specific certification or skill. You won’t see it on any CV’s or accomplishment sections on LinkedIn. Giving thanks makes you healthier, which in turn, makes all of us healthier.

Happy Thanksgiving. #bettertogether

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Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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