Funny that word. Connection. It brings up emotions and helps us communicate a feeling or a sense of being together. Connection quality varies. There are people we connect with on a very tangential level, then there are deeper, more meaningful connections. There are personal connections, professional connections, and technological connections. The closer you are to the source, the more access you have, and the broader the connection. That type of connection requires trust.

It’s said that art mimics life. Well, it’s no different in the technology that supports us.

Connection to information in the connected world is elemental. It’s not an option anymore. It’s the very foundation on which meaning is built. The farther you are from the source information, the more opportunity there is for a broken connection - or signal interference. Further, this close connection to source information requires a higher level of access. IRL, we call it trust. That’s why we need a network. A trusted network.

Consulting starts there. If a client cannot annunciate their intended outcome - in meaningful detail - how are we supposed to support those efforts? How can we help refine the information into meaningful messaging if we can’t identify the system of record in the first place?

Informed models do exactly that. They establish a single system of record and create spheres of data that inform that system. The connection is direct and immediate. There’s trust in that connection because it resides in a trustless system INSIDE the host. There isn’t outside influence - the data cannot be manipulated. This is a deep connection.

This is how we can help run commercial real estate operations in the future. Smart people, asking smarter questions - sampling responses for human objectives and leaving the data parsing to the machines. What strikes me is the irony of the simplicity and the complexity of human communication. The answers to the questions are only as good as the people asking them. Connection is about trust. Better trust, better people. Better people, better information.

Go build something today.

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Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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