Post-Traumatic Growth

Seems like the lines are being drawn. Words like mandate, force, back, lure and return seem to be amplified across multiple channels. We interface with a lot of different lines of business and we welcome opposing views on topics of concern. In fact, a lot of our effectiveness is related to our ability to hear opposition and quickly relate to it. Opposing views are very, very important.

As a startup in 2010, Orion Growth primarily focused on cost containment around portfolio and utilization. We exclusively represented occupier needs and our unique selling point was our ability to accurately manage portfolio delivery to three key metrics: USF, time, and money. We have a really good delivery model that, to this day, I will go toe-to-toe with our competition. But where we choose to work has changed.

It’s almost like we went through a global pandemic or something?!


So we thought through how our experience with Covid impacted what we do.

  1. Remote work and online education: The pandemic has forced many businesses and educational institutions to adopt remote work and online learning to prevent the spread of the virus. This shift has led to changes in the way people work and learn, with many people realizing the benefits and drawbacks of remote work and online education. We took courses and received certifications. A lot of both.

  2. Increased use of technology: The pandemic has also led to an increase in the use of technology for communication, entertainment, and shopping. Many people have turned to online platforms for entertainment and social interaction, and e-commerce has seen a significant increase in sales. Missing from the discussion (but coming soon to a theater near you) is work platforms. We dove in deep.

  3. Changes in travel and transportation: The pandemic has had a significant impact on travel and transportation, with many countries imposing travel restrictions and lockdowns to control the spread of the virus. This has resulted in a decrease in air travel and an increase in alternative modes of transportation, such as bicycles. Here in the US, one of the most notable changes is commuter resistance. This has led us to ESG and the benefits associated with a smaller carbon envelope.

  4. Changes in healthcare: The pandemic has highlighted the importance of healthcare and led to changes in the way healthcare is delivered. Telemedicine has become more widespread, and healthcare providers have had to adopt new protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. Information Security compliance with HIPPA and distributed work have become a research topic. We applied that thinking to remote work and the security sensitivities associated with sciOPS.

  5. Changes in social norms and behavior: The pandemic has also led to changes in social norms and behavior, with people practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and washing their hands more frequently. This has led to changes in the way people interact with each other and has highlighted the importance of public health measures. It lead us to the metaverse and Virbela, where we operate the world’s first virtual coworking space in their public open campus.

Next week marks three years since our state (North Carolina) mandated a lockdown period of 30 days. Believe it or not - agree or disagree - that was a traumatic event. Lines were drawn in the sand. ‘Front line workers’ were deemed ‘essential’ and Covid took its grip. The world experienced this together.

“Time heals all and heels hurt to walk in, but they go with the clutch that you carry your lip gloss in.” ~Drake

Resiliency to Growth

We’ve worn a lot of hats around here. Startup advisor, SMB consultant, SME, Owner’s Rep, Program Manager, Team Builder, Operating Partner, Investor, Pioneer and on. The very reason the Orion ‘O’ is a circle is that we believe smart growth is iterative growth. We believe that error is the result of trial - and without trial, we can’t learn. Adapt, don’t adopt.

Post Covid observations have taken us into a new chapter of growth. This chapter is about restorative growth, or more specifically; Post-Traumatic Growth.

Thanks to Project Trust and the Sanar Institute for this image.
Thanks to Project Trust and the Sanar Institute for this image.

There are 5 domains of PTG:

→ Personal Strength

→ Spiritual Development

→ Closer Relationships

→ New Possibilities

→ Greater Appreciation for Life.

The nutrients in the soil that grow those domains into existence are:

→ Optimism

→ Perception of Control

→ Coping Style

→ Strong Sense of Self

It’s no wonder we feel like the world is at odds - we are recovering. We’re talking about mandating a return to something whose very existence has been questioned. At some point, even the definition of occupation has changed - and we now identify it with the way we make a living. The modern definition is related to work in the sense of a career. Years ago, that same word was defined as how you chose to spend your time - nothing to do with making money or a career path. The division of labor in knowledge-work comes down to two sides; spending one’s time or having a career. Can’t we do both?

We see PTG as the primary catalyst for remote work and personal agency. Time & flexibility of schedule has become more important to people than loyalty and salary.

There’s so much more to unpack. This is where we rift off into discussing if we view modern companies as engines or trees. Do we bolt on new parts or do we generate better soil? Are our actions for immediate gain because life is short or are we taking a different approach with future generations and creating a new work culture?

There are elemental factors at work here. There’s also the science behind a lot of the discussion. We’re hard at work with the academics behind behavioral psychology, sociology, and econometrics. We are verifying the data we find and questioning the flavor-of-the-day solutions that promise simple answers. So far, we’re finding wisdom in listening, and success in teaching what we heard….

Choice and flexibility are the two main themes right now - talent is inside people.

“ Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ~Benjamin Franklin

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Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

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