Bio, Photo, Chemical, Data, Cognitive - overall, synthesis involves the merging or integration of separate entities or ideas to create something new, cohesive, or comprehensive. It is a fundamental process in many disciplines and plays a crucial role in innovation, problem-solving, and creative endeavors. Synthesis becomes evident after recognizing disparate elements. This is happening in Commercial Real Estate, AEC, and Workplaces.

We’ve been on the road this year, working closely with the program directors, facilitators, keynotes, and sponsors of Purposeful Intent. It’s been our collective mission to assemble the best and brightest minds to observe and reorient the direction and narrative around the current and future of work. We invited occupiers, executives, design firms, and technology specialists to join our discussions. We did this in Toronto, LA, San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, and Sydney.

We connected.

We listened.

In addition to IRL events, we also took courses and gained certifications in a process we are all becoming familiar with, upskilling. We heard from Real Innovation Academy / Future Proof Office, Trillion Dollar Hashtag, TeamOps/GitLab, HypeFree Crypto & DeFi, as well as Borgo Academy. We also studied with more traditional education partners like The University of Nicosia, Microsoft, and NVIDIA.

We learned.

We moved Orion Growth from web2 to web2.5 and closer to web3. We started by centralizing our data and pairing down our stack. We created systems of record that allowed us to interface in ways we never could before. We automated tasks in our project management process, created standards for IPD, and changed the very way in which we interact with partners and clients. We also centralized our publication to mirror.xyz - which allows us to integrate blockchain technology while maintaining integrity across our written message. We’ve established a robust, decentralized wallet solution for payments and created a consensus mechanism whereby we can start to democratize decisions that are better suited for community feedback than hierarchy. We opened the first virtual coworking space in Open Campus because real choice requires additional modes. It’s not no, because….it’s yes, and.

We built.

Along with the notion of synthesis comes adaptation. While much of the world’s view is partial to adoption, at Orion, we’ve subscribed to adaptation. We’re taking small, iterative steps rather than immense leaps toward change. We ascribe to regenerative thinking over industrialized thinking. We seek to learn during each step and tread lightly as we find ourselves in a precarious position in time. After all, we’re the first generation to see the advance of climate disruption, and the last with the chance to fix it.

So what’s next?

An incubator, an accelerator, and a growth fund.

It’s time for synthesis. We have to join these forces of coming together, listening, learning, and building. We believe that while the risks and urgency may be higher than ever today there are also great opportunities. We plan to identify, educate, and activate innovative solutions that offer a realistic, hopeful perspective on key global issues that demand our attention; climate change and affordability. We aren’t aiming for sustainability, we’re aiming for regenerative and renewable commitments from our circle of partners.

We simply cannot afford to continue down the same path that got us here.

Much more to come. WAGMI.


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Image by yong qin from Pixabay

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