Lately, we’ve been doing a ton of it. I guess that’s what happens when you have one foot in traditional tech (because that’s where the world is) and one foot in immerging tech (because that’s where the world is going). Our current tinker projects are things that didn’t exist three years ago (for us). To help frame that, here’s a list straight out of my OneNote page.

Triggers on Power Platform | Open-Source Resources | 4D Livestream | Ordinal Provenance | NounsDAO | Neural PM Framework| NeRFs | Dynamic NFTs| nat.dev | Virbela | Unreal 5 | Multi-Sig Splits | RTMP feeds| Mivo/Pivo Kit | CoPilot Integration

Clearly, the world has changed if this is what’s on our workbench. Even our workbench has changed. We used to have demo products all over the office - ergonomics, furniture solutions, screen share devices, cameras, mounts….all the latest products for us to test. Now, it’s old tech that’s been repurposed for function over form. Individual machines programmed to task. Integrated LAN’s with press-to-functional capabilities. The manuals went from printed binders to pdfs to SharePoint files to git repositories.

Our customer profile has completely changed. We’re focused on internal teams now. We’ve torn down the traditional construct of team dynamics. We start with when and what, and progress to why. It’s shocking how often we’re getting to how and realizing modern teams don’t have (or know where) to access the tools to match their mission, let alone achieve success. Why is that?

Legacy systems.

It starts with job descriptions, hiring practices, & compensation.

It progresses to management style, non-existent workflows, and office culture.

Pair that with obsolete tech, a sub-par UX, and IS restrictions.

Add all that up, you get one deflated group of human beings.

Because I said so, and that’s the way we’ve always done it. Why doesn’t anyone know how to use this? In fact, where is everyone?

This is the past.

We are thankful our workbench looks different. We’re grateful to be solving ‘now-problems’ and building ‘tomorrow-solutions’. People, human beings, are at the core here. Free them from legacy systems, and provide them with hope and opportunity. Pair those people with purpose and give them access to the best tools to get the job done. Someone will.

#TotalTenancy™ | #OrionGrowth

Photo by Elmer Cañas on Unsplash

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