July 26th, 2022

AMA with the Keeper:

Q: Could a sinner yearning to cleanse his soul enter the purgatory together with all his sins & key in his wallet or should he transfer those upfront to your address?
A: One will not be required to transfer/burn either the Key or the Sins to obtain Purgatorio, or any other rewards.

Q: Would you be so generous to give me the word of wisdom about the role that @Walletsy has on the accomplished sinner's way to purgatory?
A: Walletsy is a tool that allows for Discord role verification based on NFT ownership; ie token-gated access. The access is in the NFTs ;) .

Q: Hello, I was hoping that rektguys will get more chances to get lucky on the 7 sins but seems going forward the AL is becoming more difficult for an entry, i hope you consider something for that - thanks
A: Thank you for your concern. I shall take this into consideration for the remaining 4 drops.

June 6th, 2022

We’ve been working hard on revamping Degenz this year, and are delighted to make a few announcements today!

Degenz was originally intended to be a pfp project, but has since evolved into something completely different, focusing on access to information and a knowledgable community. To date, we have achieved the following:

  • produced >70 long form NFT reports at an average of 5 per week
  • hired 6 research analysts to join the team and help with the above
  • daily morning commentary on markets, crypto & NFTs
  • allowlist raffles for coveted drops including Chimpers, Red Lite District and WVRPS
  • guaranteed allowlist spots for rektguy
  • organically grown a Discord community from 2k to almost 10k members

One of our biggest challenges this year has been branding and marketing. What are Degenz? What are Re-Genz? What is the difference in utility and what do they actually give you access to? So we’ve spent some time and money in re-branding the whole project, in order to have a more simplified structure and to deliver a clear and concise message.

June 6th, 2022


I was sitting at my desk in a new role, trading Middle East and North African credit. I literally had no idea about emerging markets, and tbh I just wanted to spend more time looking at NFTs, but I had to force myself to make an effort. I’m a weird learner; when I’m genuinely interested in things I can absorb information like a sponge and regurgitate it perpetually with enthusiasm, but when it’s something I’m not interested in, it takes me A LOT of effort to process something. So here I was, trying to learn about Lebanon and Tunisia, when all I could think about was that I definitely would have caught CrypToadz had I not been in the office. As you can see below, I didn’t even get as far as writing down the Tunisian President before I descended into a mindless doodle, now known as “rektguy”.

the OG rektguy
the OG rektguy

History of being an online degen

May 25th, 2022

Failing in 2021

Degenz was launched on the 5th July 2021 as a profile picture project (PFP). We were 4-5 months into our NFT collecting journey with lots of connections in the space, an understanding that PFPs could be the future but with zero experience from a creator standpoint. It was the early days of experimenting with PFP utility and it became apparent as the year went on we had misjudged massively what would drive long-term value to an NFT project - despite our efforts (airdrops, comic strips, Re-Genz), the Degenz ecosystem ended 2021 with a floor price of zero.

The Comeback Story

Coming into 2022 we felt an acute sense of responsibility to those who had trusted us to deliver. We knew we were not the type of people to wallow in failure - if anything we like a challenge. We’ve both spent our careers pulling ourselves out of holes and this was no different.