Degenz Re-Launch
June 6th, 2022

We’ve been working hard on revamping Degenz this year, and are delighted to make a few announcements today!

Degenz was originally intended to be a pfp project, but has since evolved into something completely different, focusing on access to information and a knowledgable community. To date, we have achieved the following:

  • produced >70 long form NFT reports at an average of 5 per week
  • hired 6 research analysts to join the team and help with the above
  • daily morning commentary on markets, crypto & NFTs
  • allowlist raffles for coveted drops including Chimpers, Red Lite District and WVRPS
  • guaranteed allowlist spots for rektguy
  • organically grown a Discord community from 2k to almost 10k members

One of our biggest challenges this year has been branding and marketing. What are Degenz? What are Re-Genz? What is the difference in utility and what do they actually give you access to? So we’ve spent some time and money in re-branding the whole project, in order to have a more simplified structure and to deliver a clear and concise message.

The Degenz Access Pass (DAP)

Degenz Access Pass (DAP)
Degenz Access Pass (DAP)

Every Degen and Re-Gen NFT will be airdropped a DAP. The DAP will serve as your access pass into the Degenz ecosystem, this will include the following:

  1. Access to gated areas of Discord, including daily market commentary and NFT resources channels
  2. Access to deep-dive NFT reports via the new website
  3. Access to exclusive, FREE NFT mints with a handful of curated artists (similar to how we did rektguy). We’ll be announcing the artists soon 👀 !
  4. Access to future token-gated IRL events
  5. These will all be LIFETIME benefits.
  • As a result, ALL utility features that exist for Degenz/Re-Genz will be MIGRATING to the DAP, a single ERC-1155 NFT which we hope will simplify the structure and branding.
  • Degenz/Re-Genz will have some benefits going forward (such as secondary allowlist access to NFT drops), but will primarily be a community pfp project.
  • Degenz/Re-Genz holders will be airdropped DAPs for EACH NFT that they hold, as per the following schedule. We are conscious that collectors had spent more ETH on rarer items (and have looked at data for which traits have been more coveted), so we wanted that to be rewarded:

DAPs to be airdropped (per NFT held)

Whales: 5
Frens: 5
Wizards: 2
Ramen Heads: 2
All other: 1

Females: 2
Ramen Heads/Golden Ramen Heads: 2
All other: 1

We will be taking a snapshot of current holders on Tuesday 14th June, at 5PM EST, after which the DAP will be airdropped.

PLEASE NOTE: This will be an AIRDROP, you will NOT need to connect your wallet to anything or claim anything - please be aware of scams.

New Website

Earlier this year we decided to use Nightshift to focus on a brand refresh for Degenz as well as create a new website allowing for token-gated content. Nightshift has worked with Coinbase, MoonPay and RugRadio among others and are experts in web3 branding. Our new website will grant web3 access to all NFT reports, so you can finally say goodbye to the Google drive!

New Degenz Website
New Degenz Website

New Hires

We’re focused on expanding our team as our requirements grow. We’ve so far hired 6 research analysts who have been writing the NFT deep-dive reports, in addition to Mando and myself. We’re in the process of hiring a “Head of Research” who will be responsible for building out and developing our gated content. I’m also delighted to announce that sashanft.eth and berndawgler.eth will take on new roles as “Community Managers”. Both have done remarkable job for us since the beginning, and we’re excited to see them build this community even further.

We are always on the lookout for talent, and although we are not specifically hiring for additional roles right now, if you would like to express interest in working with us in the future please send an e-mail to

What do YOU need to do?

If you are an existing Degenz or Re-Genz NFT holder, nothing. You will be airdropped your DAP tokens as per the above schedule once the snapshot has been taken.

If you do not own a Degen or Re-Gen and would like to qualify for the DAP airdrop, you may purchase one on the secondary market in time for the snapshot on Tuesday 14th June at 5PM EST:

Degenz on OpenSea
Re-Genz on OpenSea

Our growing ecosystem summarised:

Our ecosystem
Our ecosystem

That wraps up this entry - we’re all super excited about entering the next phase of Degenz, and hope you are too!

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