Degenz Code
April 20th, 2023

Degenz Code

The last 18 months for Degenz holders has been a journey.

We started at zero.
We dropped rektguy.
We dropped TABZ.
We merged with Flips Finance.
We built a full platform for tracking NFTs.
We released over 300 deep-dive reports covering everything for holders.
We put out daily commentary to help people navigate the space.
We partnered with Rug Radio for weekly art drops with Stubs.

Everything we have brought you today comes from the original Degenz mint back in July 2021, and we haven’t done a paid mint since (with the exception of Flips Gold Pass which happened prior to the merger).

Going forward, we’ve identified three things that we believe will be beneficial for the holders in our current ecosystem:

  1. More fun

  2. Greater access to our team and founders

  3. A simpler structure

We want to try something new while bringing everything back together.

Introducing Degenz Code.

We want to take holders on a journey that reignites the community. Embedded codes in our NFTs which will update regularly and give solvers access to:

  • exclusive IRL events

  • virtual 1-on-1 meetings with our founders

  • free project advisory

To simplify the structure, Degenz Access Pass and Degenz Gold Pass (formerly Flips Gold Pass) will be merged into one collection, the Degenz Code.

As such, the utility of the two will be combined:

  • Unlimited access to the Degenz Platform (including PRO - see below)

  • Access to all Degenz, Stubs and partner drops

Degenz will very soon be launching a Pro subscription product which will give paying subscribers unlimited access to the Degenz platform for a subscription fee. People will also be able to pay for reports on a pay-per-report basis. We feel this is the best and only way to grow the platform without diluting NFT holders.

As we grow this platform we will be able to bring on more content creators and push the boundaries of decentralised long-form content creation. Each day people desperately search for thread writers to put out content which explains the world.
Why not have an easy-to-navigate hub for detailed content? Why not reward content writers with more than just likes? These are the things we want to solve - and there are many ways in which this can be done…

For the next month holders of the Degenz Access Pass and Degenz Gold Pass will be able to burn their NFT to redeem a Degenz Code; this is a one-for-one burn. The artwork for Degenz Code was created by OG pixel artist Timpers and the metadata will update periodically to reveal codes.

The burn begins immediately and closes on 31st December 2023. Utility will move immediately to the new Degenz Code NFT after the burn begins, and utility will be revoked from DAP and DGP once the burn has ended. Metadata will be updated on DAP and DGP to reflect this.

Degenz Code
Degenz Code

You can burn to redeem on the link below:




Looking forward to the next chapter.

Degenz will never die.

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