Playza Editor Alpha v0.10.0.0 Release Notes Pt.2
November 9th, 2022

8. New IAP function

MW editor adds a new payment purchase interface, currently only Pocket Ark is supported to access this function. IAP access instructions

9. [GamePlay] Ragdoll state increase collision effect

When the character changes to ragdoll state, the collision box will be added to produce collision effects with other characters.

10. [Version Optimization] Pathfinding Logic Optimization

  • change the pathfinding area data to SaveLoad method, optimize the problem of long loading time caused by too big scene. 2.

  • Cancel the method of dynamically modifying the pathfinding area properties when the game is running.

11. [API] Add LoopCount property to PlayAnimation()

    Add LoopCount parameter, you can set the number of times the animation will loop, when set to 0, it means infinite loop.

12. [API] MW use Google Analytics function

MW supports using Google Analytics, you can customize data burial points and view user behavior data.

   Turn on Google Analytics, bind G-ID to the game through init()
   You can send custom events through event()
GoogleAnalytics.event("event_name"); GoogleAnalytics.event("event_name")

13 [API] New asyncGetScriptByName()

   Get the mounted script by name asynchronously
let objScript = await this.gameObject.asyncGetScriptByName("objScript");

14. [WorldRun]

1 [Abandoned ward] [must be present] patients in the maintenance of the electrical box by the doctor hit, after moving the state are half crouching state
2 [WorldRun] for the static model of the physical properties, smooth synchronization of some of the operations of the properties, the undo function has no effect
3 [Editor-Registration and Login】In the account password login screen, click "Forgot Password", jump page 404
4 [Editor-Other] [Abandoned Ward] Double-click "Ward" game project, the editor crashes
5 Editor-Property Page] Camera/role drop-down box property page, click the drop-down box to show all the content after moving the mouse down, the content of the drop-down box moves with the mouse
6 [Editor-Multi-Language] - MOBA, LowPoly theme is not displayed
7 [Editor multi-language】-System language change to Chinese, character editor show "Character Editor"
8 [Character Editor] - If the system language is English, the character base animation drop-down list shows Chinese.
9 [Editor - Property Page] - New project default sky ball preset value sun and moon is turned on
10 [Editor - Other] - Hover over any resource in the local repository, the UI of the copied resource id will be covered by the UI of Guid.
11 [Object Runtime Environment] The text in the pop-up window is not visible when the child object is changed from object to static.
12 [Object Runtime Environment] UI objects found in Editor are dynamic by default and expected to be static.
13 [Object Runtime Environment] The dynamic and static properties of the Human object were found to be missing in the Function branch.
14 [GamePlay - Character] [Occasional] Some NPCs float when appearing in the level.
15 [Editor - Editor UI] Adjusted the layout of Editor, and found that the layout reverted to the default layout after restarting Editor.
16 [Editor - Local Library] [Occasionally] The floor material is lost after running pie after applying any image to the floor in the Editor.
17 [Hot Blood] Loading time is too long after entering the game from Mobile.
18 [Object Runtime Environment] The corresponding popup window still shows Chinese in the English language environment of Editor.
19 [Object Runtime Environment] The button in the popup window is lost when modifying a static object containing static subobjects to dynamic.
20 [Gameplay - Pathfinding System】Place a static model between the start and end of pathfinding, modify the model's Collision to off, NPC can't cross this model.
21 [GetInstance().FillAvatar, get MGS avatar and set it to the Image control of GameUI, the setting is invalid, the picture is white on the mobile side
22 [Engine Group - Other] command line T.maxFPS failed, can not set the maximum FPS
23Other] Print the value of dt in onUpdate(dt: number), no matter how much the FPS becomes, the value of dt is always 0.01666666567325592
24 [GamePlay - UI] Character head bubble in ragdoll mode, the name will be displayed on the ground, it should still be displayed in the standing position
25 [Character Editor] The "Paste" and "Select Recent Objects" functions in the "Project Content - Right Click Menu Bar" are grayed out.
26 [GamePLay-Character] After zooming in on the V2 object, the legs of the V2 will fall into the ground
27 [Character Editor] Importing multiple characters' phenomena data, the editor crashes after clicking the imported data several times frequently.
28 [Metasmith-Launcher] Launcher update stuck (Occasionally)
29 [Editor - Other] The directory [New Script] [New Prefabricated Body] in the project content of the editor should be [Script] and [Prefabricated Body].
30 [Editor - GameUI Editor] text box of newobjectAndadd() interface will appear typeerror when adding
31 [WorldRun] [Occasionally] when mounting a client object under a multi-level, double-ended dynamic object, a location error occurs when running PIE
32【Template Editor】Dynamically create too large prefabricated body will get stuck
33 [Gameplay - Prefab] [Prefab and carrier linkage problem] The skeleton model of the dynamically created carrier will lose material
34 [GamePlay - Carrier System] [Prefab and Carrier Linkage Problem] Typeerror when calling the carrier camera in the prefab
35 [Editor - GameUI Editor] [Low probability occasionally] UI editor auto-save, drag and drop objects to UI editor occasionally crash
36 [Editor - GameUI Editor] [Multi-selected objects in UI editor] The relative position of controls will change when moving in the editor
37 [Editor - GameUI Editor
[Editor - GameUI Editor] Multi-selected UI controls move, and the position is not correct when ctrl+z is withdrawn
38 [Gameplay - Prefab] [Blues Project] Change the [Garage] prefab in the object manager to static, run PIE, PIE crash
39 [Editor - GameUI Editor] UI prefab dragged to UI editor, no icon for objects not in object list
40 [Editor - GameUI Editor] The prompt box of right-click to copy the full path of a node is not displayed correctly.
41 [Editor - GameUI Editor] Clicking the plus sign of custom UI component will create two UI prefabs at the same time.
42 [Editor - GameUI Editor] getShadowOffset() and GetShadowOffset() will report typeerror when called
43 [Editor - GameUI Editor] After clicking Auto Layout, all the properties under the layout column of the container object properties disappear.
44 [Editor - GameUI Editor] Multi-selected objects in UI editor, when moving in the editor, the relative position of controls will change
45 [Editor - GameUI Editor] Reference another UI prefab in a UI prefab, modify the referenced UI prefab, the modified part will not be synchronized
46 [Template Editor] The first time you open the project to create a new project, after the new template, switch to the scene, and then switch back, the root node in the template editor disappears
47 [Gameplay - Prefab] When right-clicking to generate a prefab, the position of the root node of the prefab does not meet the requirement.
48 [God of Cars] [Must Show] The created carrier has no real physics effect, it descends slowly
49 GetInstance().FillAvatar, get MGS avatar and set it to the Image control of GameUI, the setting is invalid, the picture is white on the mobile side
50 [Deep Space Maze] Deep Space Maze Delayed Capture
51 [Sky Racing] [Must show] aircraft tail flame effects twitch when running
52 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Treasure digging game on PIE card loding
53 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] [Mobile] [All Guns] [Must show] Flickering in the loading screen in the game
54 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Drag and drop several static models, select them all in the object manager, right click "Create merged objects with selected"
55 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] [Treasure Hunting] The signage in the scene is missing from the Editor
56 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] [Treasure Hunt] The navigation icon material is missing in Editor
57 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] [Bear Run] Card loding on Editor
58 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] [Ninja] Open project, editor crashes
59 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] After the project is running, the sky will become black and then bright
60 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] [Generation Master] When switching scenes, the scene is not loaded
61 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Editor crashes after starting Toy War game
62 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Legend of the Brave game character pops up into the air, the sky turns black, restores after landing
63 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Hot Blooded High School attacking npc characters, editor crashes
64 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Doomsday Miner editor crashes when opening items
65 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Editor can't start PIE
66 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Test project reports error in method of switching camera on/off
67 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Dynamic template creation function fails
68 [WorldRun - Reload] The dynamic template creation function fails
68 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] The movement state of the female ghost in the four windows of the Hanako game is incorrect, it should float in the air
69 [WorldRun - Loading] King ranking game, editor can't start all 4 windows successfully when running, there are always 1-2 windows always show starting
70 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] "The Master" game character get weapons, the game character hands do not show
71 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] "The Master" PIE and mobile on the senior, low-level practice area transmission NPC should be mounted on the body of a trigger, not see the trigger collision box, the relevant functions can not be used
72 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Doomsday Crisis in the PC end card loding
73 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Toy War open game editor crash
74 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] After downloading resources, the first time to enter the editor, create an empty project takes longer
75 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Editor character object version v2 character, running and jumping action and v1 character same
76[WorldRun - Resource Loading] Express Blues game after running PIE, the client crashed
77 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] New UI right click to rename, UI renaming failed
78 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Using ctrl+n to create a folder in the object manager crashes
79 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] No prefab body when importing prefab
80 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] When creating a prefab body, if there is a UI, save it, the UI folder of the prefab body does not show the UI file (no UI .meta file)
81 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Effects resources default to double-ended, should be client-side
82 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Create a new template, click delete template, the template is not deleted, just the prefab file is deleted
83 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] The first time I open the editor to download resources is stuck
84 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Running 2 PIE windows, client crashes
85 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Create a new template in the editor, drag it into the main viewport, copy and paste this template, the editor crashes
86 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] Select any object in the object manager, right click "Generate Prefabricated Body", the generated prefabricated body (template) is yellow, should be purple
87 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] In the template that has been dragged and dropped into the main viewport, any model, the main viewport does not show the newly added model.
88 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] The game editor crashes when opening a game like Digging for Treasure
89 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] The editor crashes after running PIE in Editor for Treasure Hunt and other games.
90 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] editor open editor in the process of downloading resources is stuck, can not enter the editor
91 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Create a new script, drag it into the main viewport, delete the script, the script in the object manager does not report red
92 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Publish the project in the add-on to the cell phone, and after entering the game, the character falls below the floor
93 [WorldRun - Resource Loading】v1 version does not have the parent material dependent resource 61737, can search in the editor
94 [Editor - Other】Editor crashes when creating new project
95 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Editor UI component image container dragged to main viewport, after running PIE, no image displayed
96 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Logical object (physical component) cannot be created in the main viewport
97 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Drag and drop 3 identical models, two with physics simulation on, connect with a rod, the other one without physics simulation on, after running, the model with physics simulation on does not move, see video
98 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Drag and drop two identical models, one with physics simulation on, the other without physics simulation on, run two clients, the clients are not synchronized, see video
99 [WorldRun - resource loading] cell phone click to enter the game, only to see the sky, immediately flash back to the mobile desktop
100 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] The resources in the local resource base (center) cannot be created in the main viewport.
101 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] The resource guid:59848 cannot be downloaded without the parent material.
102 [WorldRun - Loading of Resources] Legend of the Brave (Blues game) and other games into the game card loading
103 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] After downloading resources, new project is created and PIE cannot start.
104 [WorldRun - Loading of Resources] After setting a specific picture in the picture object in UI, the picture is not displayed
105 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] The models with GUID 21583 and 21588 are placed in the main viewport, running PIE, the logs are printed abnormally
106 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] The mobile terminal can't enter the game, and flash back to the mobile desktop directly.
107 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] After running PIE, the game character becomes transparent (as attached)
108 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] The resource takes too long to download in HDD
109 【GamePlay - SkySphere】After running PIE, the sky sphere mapping is not loaded. Displayed as gray
110 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] Resources are re-downloaded after re-opening the editor
111 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] The resources downloaded by the editor are bigger than the total amount (as shown in the picture), and at the same time, it is stuck and cannot open the editor
112 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] After resource loading revision, Editor takes too long to download resources (about 1 hour), and the progress bar is stuck
113 [Editor - Project Main Viewport] The default value of the screen quality of PC is not movie quality
114 [WorldRun] The scale of the object is -1, the object rotates in the scene to change its position
115 [Editor] [Must show] console.log is not shown in the output window of the editor.
116 [Probable Occurrence] Effect caused fatal error
117 [WorldRun - Resource loading] After creating a new template and dragging in resources (e.g. static model), saving the template and then dragging it into the main viewport, the main viewport object shows an exception, and running pie does not see the template successfully placed.
118 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] UI editor object properties interface, after turning on automatic layout, the default value of "container type, alignment rules, horizontal adaptation, vertical adaptation" is mistakenly set to null.
119 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] After running PIE, the default object SM_Ground and BP_PlayerStart resources are displayed abnormally.
120 [WorldRun - Loading Resources] UI editor interface does not close completely under certain operation.
121 [WorldRun - Loading] UI editor text object, after setting text line feed, adjust alignment in the style, found that alignment is standardized on the first line, resulting in text over frame
122 [Editor-Other】Not the first time to open the editor and create a project, after entering the project interface will automatically back up the success of the high frequency, and the default setting of 5 minutes to automatically back up once does not match
123 [Editor-Other】When the user's local disk space is insufficient, the automatic backup function does not determine whether the user's local disk space is sufficient, resulting in the backup project missing files due to insufficient disk space and cannot be used.
124 [Editor-Other】The program does not jump out of the judgment loop when the automatic backup function fails, which causes the editor to keep executing the backup function and keep prompting backup failure.
125 [Editor-GameUI Editor] Create two new UI (A and B) and open UI editor, at this time AB is in the same level window, drag B to A's sub-level window, then continue to try to drag B, the editor crashes
126 [Editor-Editor UI] Commonly used logical objects in the object manager, after using the withdraw function, the corresponding icon is lost.
127 [Editor - Project Main Viewport] Set any two static objects in the new template with physical constraints (such as rope constraints) and constrain them, switch to the main viewport after the green stroke appears, the stroke does not disappear
128 [Editor - Menu Bar] The editor content or object manager under the project part of the parent object right-click no drop-down menu, but the editor also opens an empty window, need to remove
129 [Editor-GameUI Editor】When a new object is dragged into the UI editor, it is displayed at the top level by default, no matter at which level, you must save it and then open it again to display it at the correct level.
130 [Editor-GameUI Editor] Drag and drop any UI prefab to other UI prefabs, the size of the dragged UI prefab will change.
131 [WorldRun - Resource Loading] The UI base map of the interface of the guide NPC avatar, settings, backpack, weapons, martial arts school list, decoration menu, etc. on the PIE of "Patriarch" fails to load.
132 [Character Editor] Newly created any prefabricated body to save a static model, then put it into the item slot in the character editor interface, try to drag to adjust the static model coordinate position, a high probability of the editor crash problem
133 [WorldRun] 60 monsters fully controlled by the client, calculate the position and then update every frame in the client, js uses very high CPU
134 [Editor - GameUI Editor] setFontColorByHex('#FF0000') can not set the color, uppercase can
135 [Editor - GameUI Editor] setFontColorByHex('#FF0000') can't set the color, the upper case can 135 [Editor - GameUI Editor] give the front hair highlight type change color, the whole front hair color will change
136 [Character Editor] 39019 resources in the character model becomes larger, the skirt shaking violently
137 [GamePlay-Character] Character stance is 49096, jumping when the character moves, the waist of the character will sway
138 [WorldRun] Editor does not close the stream loading
139 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] The material display of the resource is not consistent with the normal version
140 [WorldRun] Resource dragged to main viewport, need to repeat the operation two or three times before the drag will take effect
141 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] The player is not displayed after running (Occasionally)
142 [WorldRun] Preloaded resources, after running, the client crashes
143 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] Json_ClothSK type resource, after running, and the main viewport is not consistent
144 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] Overwriting 830's parent material pack with 840's parent material pack, resource checksum download is stuck
145 [Metasmith-Content Resource Management】After uploading a newly created resource to the cookie, if the resource is not synchronized to the corresponding environment first, the resource cannot be downloaded in the corresponding environment
146 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] When the player is v2, there is no entry of "Character Editor" in the property panel.
147 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] The editor crashes when punching the role editor
148 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] The icons of "Camera" and "Player" disappear from the object manager.
149 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] After the character editor crashes, the template information does not appear when I click "New Prefabricated Body".
150 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] After crashing with the Character Editor, the editor crashed again when I clicked "Create Script".
151 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] playAnimation play animation, SetAnimationStance set pose interface failed
152 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] onSkill1Trigger interface failed
153 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] Double-click on character data, instead of opening the "Character Editor", the "UI Editor" is opened
154 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] The menu bar of [Role Editor] project content is missing "Paste", "Delete", "Rename", and "Select Recently Referenced Object". "Select Recently Referenced Objects" and "Export" functions are missing.
155 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Role Editor] No "Preview" in the Properties panel after selecting role data in the project content
156 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Character Editor] After changing the character's clothes, the clothes resource does not appear in the property panel.
157 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Character Editor] Animation pre-pull can't drag in animation resources
158 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Character Editor] Items cannot be dragged into the "Item Model"
159 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Color Block] No game sound after running the game
160 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] Putting a humanoid object v2 into the main viewport crashes the client after running
161[WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Color Block] After running the game, some ordinary pictures show white blocks
162 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Color Block] [mobile] Some of the resource materials in the game appear white (occasionally)
163 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Character Editor] When importing character data, the import box is marked red, but the data can be imported
164 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Character Editor] "Body Tattoo" resource cannot be dragged in.
165 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] [Character Editor] The preview image of the character data does not show the corresponding resource.
166 [WorldRun-Resource Loading] The top resource "59955", the skirt of the costume fell on the ground

Important Notes:

  1. modify the value of the Name property in the project file to be consistent with the project file name, [first] after this operation [then] open the project in the editor. (Be sure to modify! Otherwise it will crash)

    · find the project name.project file in the root directory of the project

    · Open the file, change the second line of the file ["name": "Templete"] to ["name": "XXXX"], XXXX is the file name of XXXX.project

  2. Save and exit, open the editor

  3. Because the pathfinding system has been changed to saveload method (to solve the problem that projects with more areas such as deep space maze will be disconnected and reconnected after entering the game), so the methods of dynamically modifying the pathfinding path will not work now (for example, dynamically modifying the type of pathfinding modification area under runtime, dynamically spawning a collision model under the pathfinding path, etc. will no longer change the pathfinding (path) to use the pathfinding system of the project to be re-released, otherwise there may be NPCs do not seek the situation

  4. the old version of the header bubble is a temporary function, can not change the bubble style, now the developer needs to change to use the GameUI to achieve their own chat function, the role of the default does not provide chat function

  5. When auto size option is enabled in UI editor, please turn off auto line feed, otherwise it will lead to the problem of vertical display of numbers

  6. the actual size of the world UI rendering is recommended to be set to 1024*1024, otherwise there will be black screen problems, another video memory more than 40M may lead to flashback, the follow-up will be limited to the world UI size

  7. the default height of jumping interface jump height does not match the expectation, after repairing some of the blue army games exist jump height may become lower or higher, need to manually adjust the parameters.

  8. because of the reason of resource revision, after the Editor opens the role editor window and exits the project, then creates a new empty project, which may cause the editor to crash (after evaluating the operation of the next version to solve)

  9. Before dynamically creating a prefabricated body, you need to preload or drag a prefabricated body in the scene (preload please add from the Editor, the script will not take effect), make sure that the corresponding resources in the Asset_data_list file have been written, otherwise the problem of missing resource materials will occur.

  10. Because the sky light is not in place, there may be a problem that the model suddenly changes color when viewing the model from a certain distance.

  11. The dynamic loading function is closed in this version. The loading time of resource download will be longer, and the scene restoration will be faster.

  12. The progress bar is not displayed when downloading from Editor and Moblie, please wait patiently for a while when you are stuck. (Editor resource size is shown as about 700M, the actual need to download about 1.6GB, 700M may appear single-digit speed situation)

  13. the project using the pathfinding system needs to upload the NAVDATA.bin under the project folder to git

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