Playza Editor Alpha V0.20.0.0 Release Note
February 9th, 2023
  • [New] You can now modify the character collision box (default is a vertical capsule body) into a sphere, a cube or a horizontal capsule body

  • [New] Added API to control whether characters can stand on an object

  • [New] You can now change character facial expressions in the character editor, with a wide variety of expressions to choose from

  • [New] You can now modify the custom cropping distance of static meshes and other objects in the editor

  • [New] Added "Projectile launcher" function object

  • [New] Added function for locking camera

  • [Optimization] Optimized camera collision/direction and other related items

  • [Optimization] GameUI structure related optimization

  • [Optimization] Optimized the world setting server reserved player number function

  • [Optimization] Removed support for midway game joining functions

  • [Optimization] Local repository UX optimization

  • [Optimization] UX legacy issues handling

  • [Optimization] Resource configuration tool UX optimization

  • [Optimization] Editor resource configuration information optimization

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