P12 Editor Alpha V0.17.0.0 Release Note
  • Prefabs can now be previewed in the viewport through the new preview window

  • You can now right-click on prefabs to reset reference objects (supports multiple selections)

  • Major Character editor UX overhaul

  • Optimized editor global common component

  • Optimized editor menu bar & toolbar UX

  • Optimized editor font quality. Solved the editor's graphics issues under high resolution

  • You can now scale objects by anchor point position

  • Added automatic adaptation of the game running frame rate through hardware performance to improve the game performance effect

  • Optimized project content UX, added types of arrangement, added quick path access function, etc.

  • Optimized object properties UX

  • Hid the infrequently used property parameters in the object's default physical properties, optimized the property panel display information

  • Optimized Upload tool UX, style, and interaction. No change in functionality

  • Optimized UI editor UX optimization

  • Character header name change under PIE

  • Optimized server CPU performance. Data synchronization now only triggers when properties are changed, this improves CPU efficiency by 30%-40%

  • Optimized manual download experience of the resource library

  • [New] UI Editor- UI component now supports F2 shortcut for renaming

  • [New] UI Editor - Scroll bar component now supports image replacement

  • [New] UI Editor - Scroll box component added property

  • [New] UI Editor - Input box component added new method

  • [New] UI Editor - Text/Input box component added new method

  • [New] Object properties now support copy, paste, reset

  • [New] Introduced new Object alignment tool

  • [New] Main viewport moving objects now support view lock

  • [New] Added client support for humanoid objects call

  • [New] Added a prompt box to the mobile-end to show error codes

  • [New] Support "whole" or "combined" saving of character data as a file

  • [New] Save prompt popup window. When a form contains multiple tabs, clicking the close button will now have a popup save window

  • [New] Gravity multiplier function for humanoid objects

  • [New] You can replace the object material of the selected part of the mouse in the main viewport

  • [New] Interface for batch acquisition under GameUI namespace

  • [Mobile Editor] Support shooting multiple character images at the same time to generate GIF images

  • [Mobile Editor] Optimization of switching between UGC running state and editing state

  • [Mobile Editor] Expose UGC axis parameters

  • [Mobile Editor]UGC save API callback optimization

  • [Mobile Editor] Character support for attachments properties

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